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Creative Techie, Content Strategist, Video Editor #UnapologeticallyCreative 🎨

Hey I’m Dez!

I’m a graduate of Hampton University with a B.S in Marketing. As a creative I’m passionate about content creation for social media, advertising, marketing and film!

My business, Promo-Jones LLC , is a video content bureau specializing in promoting the vision of visionaries through videography, video editing, and video content curation. My company has met with many schools, small businesses and international clients from the Bahamas to London.

I love to travel and connect with visionaries across the globe which has lead me to explore the world of Venture Capital. With international experience in digital marketing and social media marketing, I utilize my skills in every position by stepping out of my comfort zone and taking risks. The embodiment of fear fuels my faith and pushes me to continue networking and expanding my brand through outreach, teamwork, and execution.

Come on the journey!

The journey of self love, business, & creativity. 🎨

My name is Desiree Jones but I also go by Dez

I’m a recent grad, entrepreneur, and I’m unapologetically creative .

I believe creativity starts with who you are. If you know who you are then you’re one step closer to achieving your dreams.

Self love starts with understanding and accepting who you are while also working towards becoming a better you everyday.

The world of business is full of surprises, but I ultimately believe starting a business comes down to building relationships, having stamina, and being a life long learner.

I’m here to show you how my trail is being made from the VERY beginning.

This is my journey.

This is my story,

This is, The Book of Dez


Who is Dez?