Hey there new friend!

A little about me..

I'm so glad your here!
I’m Tash and I’m a Gold Coast busy mamma sharing my journey using essential oils, lowering the toxins in my home, and navigating motherhood. I share everything from daily tips and tricks, DIY, green cleaning, diy skincare, and everything in between.

I’ve saved my family a tone of money by DIY’ing most of our household items, it’s also so empowering to know every ingredient inside to know there are no nasties.

Why lower the toxins in your home?
Avoid nasty ingredients and unwanted chemicals by knowing what’s in your products. The average person can use thousands of chemicals daily. Yes that’s right.. DAILY! I help woman around the globe feel empowered to ditch the toxins and learn about the importance of ingredients and DIY!

Why me.. why my oily community?

Hopefully you can see the passion I have for doterra essential oils and how they have changed my life. I would be honoured to help you ditch the toxins and experience the amazing benefit of these plants in a bottle!

When you purchase your doterra essential oils via me, you get special treatment!

Not only will I be your oily mentor for all your support and questions.. you will also receive a welcome gift from me valued at over $40AUD just to say thank you for choosing me.

It’s so important you start your doterra journey with someone you resonate with because they are your key to ongoing education and support! And the beauty of social media means you can be anywhere in the world and still have me as your mentor and have access to our community and resources.

You will have access to several online members groups where we share information and education. Hundreds of tried and tested recipes, more ebooks and resources than you could even imagine, monthly giveaways and we even have an app with an oil library! Cool hey!

You order what you want, when you want zero catches! It’s that simple.

It will be the best YES you ever say!

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