welcome home

i am so happy you are here

hi, i’m courtney. a twenty-something elementary teacher trying to build a life full of adventure with a heavy dash of holistic living.

my story

“why are you doing this whole oil thing?”

i haven’t always been that person who shopped at organic stores, read ingredient labels, or regularly exercised. i was the person who ate whenever i had a craving, stayed up all night being anxious, and procrastinated all the things in my life. i was living a life of going through the motions and always feeling a step behind.

what i didn’t know yet was that i could heal my body by being purposeful with food, that by reading ingredient labels i would learn my health was being compromised and that regular exercise doesn’t just support your body but also your mind.

+ it’s okay to not know!

i didn’t just wake up one day and decide to do all this research and drastically change my lifestyle. but as i learned i also started to believe. believe that oils can change lives, believe that manifestation is real and good, and that living intentionally is everything.

in just a short period of time i have gained a community of amazing people, had my eyes opened to the insanity in products on my shelf, and felt this immense weight on my heart to share this incredible journey.

so to answer your question of “why are you doing this whole oil thing?”

i’m doing it for me.

so if you feel it, welcome to the botanical home. ✌🏼