The Boujee Dogge

Spa & Boutique

Certified Dog Groomer by West Coast Grooming Academy. Current AKC Safe Groomer & AKC Safe Handling & Sanitation certifications. Also certified in First Aid & CPR. As a skilled groomer I strive to further my education. Soon to be a certified Dog Aesthetician who will work in collaboration with your veterinarian to improve and heal troubling skin issues.

The Sporty Dogge Collection

Retro 90s Nike Color Block Pullover $25

Retro 90s Nike color block pull over made of soft stretchy nylon with a plush lining. Perfect for morning walks in the morning dew.

The Sporty Dogge Collection

Supreme “Pupreme” Pullover Set $30

Supreme or Pupreme sports wear pullover. All over athletic fit. Stretchy cotton with plush lining with a matching beanie to complete the fit! For those workouts that go straight to Brunch, you and your Dogge will step out in style!

Website Coming Soon/Do for preorders!

The Boujee Dogge Collection

Boujee Dogge Faux Fur Sweater $30

Knitted faux fur, mid sleeve turtle neck. With a ribbed stitch and a soft stretchy feel sure to keep your Dogge warm & Boujee!

Website Coming Soon/ DM for preorders!

The Boujee Baby Collection

3D Heart Me Boujee Sweater $20

Knitted 3D hearts on a soft stretchy knit. Watch your Dogge strut their stuff as they break hearts on The Dogge Walk! (Headband Not Included)
Comes in Small/Medium/Large.

The Boujee Baby Collection

Lettuce Edge Boujee Baby Sweater $15

Knitted mid sleeve turtle neck with a ribbed stitch and retro lettuce edge keeping your Dogge struttin’ in style! Available colors are Lavender, Powder Blue, and Soft Yellow.

Collars, Harnesses, & Leash!

Supreme “Pupreme” Set $20M/$25

Nylon base harness with plastic quick release clip. Sizes Medium & Large available. Make the full outfit with the matching 4ft Leash. They haven’t seen swag like this duo!

The Boujee Dogge Collection

Knitted Beanie with Ear Wholes $20

Available in XXSmall/XSmall, Small/Medium & Medium/Large. Knitted ribbed beanie with comfortable ear wholes! Adorable faux fur pompom to top it off. Soft stretchy knit with bungee strap and clip to secure to your Boujee Baby.