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whatever the journey, you are invited to START AGAIN.

we are all adventuring through life and may hit a speed bump, need to take a pause, or just want to hit a better stride, wherever you are you can center IN and use YOGA to come back HOME & reunite with your WHY REASON PURPOSE PUSH FREEDOM.

Take what you need, I’ll meet you there.

Beginners Workshop

This 2.5hr experience welcomes any BODY interested in starting a yoga journey. With gentle movements, easy guides, journals, and open dialogue, this introduction to yoga will fully have you ready to invest your energy deeper.

This workshop can be for the seasoned yogi needing a fresh start OR the newbie wanting to gain insight! -ALL are welcomed-

Reset Day Retreat

Rest. Restore. Recover. Retreat. This 6hr intimate experience is reserved for sacred practice. Filling your cup is required and so this day is key in your monthly rejuvenation.

Weekend Warrior Intensive

This experience is curated for theBODIES who need a kickstart, a booster, or just a weekend to shift focus from mental to physical. Three days of 2-a-days, nutrients, and body sculpting, this weekend is packed with goodness suitable for a warrior!

B.theLifestyle Yoga Membership

When you’re ready to make yoga a LIFESTYLE invest in your energy by investing in the membership!

- Monthly teas
- Monthly calendar & challenges
- Weekly Videos
- Weekly Journal prompts
- Weekly educational report
- Step by step guides
- Discounted merchandise/ workshops
- Private Mediation & prayer room
- Inspiration / motivation / insight to yoga world