My Purpose

If I had to some up my life purpose it would be to help as many people as I can, by sharing the experiences in my life that have molded me into who I am. You see I grew up in a single family home with two other siblings. Our mother's mother had her at 16 year old and didnt really give her the tools to be a successful adult. So money wasn't a subject that stirred up good feelings. It would seem we were regularly behind on bills but my mother knew how to work hard and get things done eventually.

At a very young age I decided to help my mother by selling limbes which are small fruity ice cups or flips out the front door. This help my family pay for essential bills that were needed. Even my younger brother sold candy out of his back pack while at school to the point he had other students selling it for him and the principal eventually wanted a cut.

There was still a problem though. No matter how much of my product I sold my income was always connected to me working. So years later working in many sales industries I was introduced into reading, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." This book reinforced entrepreneurship but even more up my ally was investing into multiple asset classes.

There are many different investments out there but a very small amount of asset classes. From my research the asset class that has out performed every market for the past decade is in the crypto markets. This is where new technologies and market markers will be investing and growing for years to come. I want to share the pros and cons in what I learned investing in crypto and in NFT's as well.