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first blog - why i start a blog?

hey peeps! so, today i wanted to announce that i finally start a blog! i know that i am nobody, you don't even know me and i don't even know you. that is fine! totally fine. i'm writing this down because i feel hyped to myself. i wanted to let out everything i need to because there's always something that bothers me and when i couldn't express it, i guess writing is the only way.

i'm the type of person who literally don't know how to explain why towards someone in real life. i am so bad in making conversations either! i've been scold by mom and my siblings and all i can do is to shut up.

i'm starting a blog is to teach myself how to be a good writer, how to express my feelings even better and my thoughts to the world and to YOU (the reader) obviously. i wanted to share as much as i can and my content can be anything for now. so, in conclusion, blogging is gonna be my new habit.

stay tune for next updates!

-- Carrot Soup (July 15th, 2020)


— just another girl that blog stuff

hey! name is Carrot Soup, i’m from Malaysia and welcome to my blog! OMFG! i made my own blog site. it’s an amazing feeling where i can finally write something that either related to me or what’s the world has to offer. here i am sharing all my thoughts to you. i don’t know where you from but i wanna say thank you A LOT for visiting and spending your time to read my blogs. it means so much to me because i’m just a random person that do blogging too and out of millions of people, you came across to me. that is what i call freaking dope!

i blog once a month, can be twice a month depends on what i wanted to tell you and how much free time i have to write in front of my laptop. LOL. topics i’m gonna cover are various. it can be memes, it can be apocalypse, it can be my stories yada-yada-yada you name it. anyway, stay tune on what’s coming next by subscribing to my email to get notified the day i posted a blog.

in case for partnerships and collabs or just saying hello, do email me at

—— Carrot Soup (July 13th 2020)