Jihan Machuca

Innovator & Artist

Welcome. My name is Jihan Machuca and I am the CEO of Machuca Innovations LLC and the Creator of my own smart lighting brand, The Chandefleur. My company focuses on creative design and product design. I am currently patenting and developing various products ranging from baby products to car accessories and more.

As a mom of 2 and a consumer I am constantly finding gaps in different markets for products that I need and others could use but they aren't being offered. As an entrepreneur I find this need to innovate new products and improve on popular consumer goods. I have felt that need to innovate and create since I was a very young girl. I come from a long line of entrepreneurial women but each of my ancestors had her own obstacles.

Today, some of these obstacles still plague our community. Latinas currently hold less than 1% of patents as sole patents holders due to bias in the application process. Generally 60% of the patents we hold are for decor and household goods. I would like us to have more varied patents across all industries.

I too would like to add myself to this very small group of inventors to encourage and inspire other Latinas to apply to protect their intellectual properties. Creating a spirit of confidence that reverberates through ourselves, our communities and children.
I hope by the time my daughter are grown the bias in the patenting process will have been eliminated and their will be more grants for women inventors of color.

As the owner of The Chandefleur and CEO of Machuca Innovations LLC my hope for my business is to create products that go above and beyond in presentation and function. Giving consumers substance and style will be the hallmark of my company.

I am an inventor. I am an artist. I am a stay at home mother. An entrepreneur.

And I'm just getting started.

Hot Pink & Orange Are My Vibe Right Now

Bright, bold and loud colors ✨

What is The Chandefleur?

Why I created my own unique lighting products

I created The Chandefleur for people who love tech but also want color and flavor in their home and business. So much of the smart lighting market was catering to individuals with masculine or minimalist taste. There weren't many smart lighting options for those who love glamorous decor.

I love tech gadgets but I also love glamorous crystal chandeliers and floral decor. It was important to me to create a style of lighting unlike anything on the market. The Chandefleur was born.

I launched in 2018 and never looked back. The Chandefleur has been sold on Wayfair in US and Canada. We are on Etsy and will be on Amazon in the near future. This brand is just getting started!