A lil’ bit about ME

So you clicked this link and now you’re thinking , “What the heck is this girl all about”?!

She’s posting about feeling great; she’s always trying to motivate and inspire people...what gives?

Well sit down cries cross apple sauce for a quick storytime !

I’m an army wife and mom of two who got sick of the suffocating confinement of my 9-5 job as a clinical behavior therapist and how it limited not only my income, but also my time! I never saw my husband or my babies and I was LITERALLY existing to pay bills and die. How depressing!?

So what did I do?... I said goodbye to a job that took me 7 years , a masters degree, clinical license in therapy and over a decade in the mental health industry to get..

And become


! I know, scary...or stupid. Ok, ok maybe a tad bit of both? But did I die!? No... 😂

Well, in the course of just a few years, I’ve generated a multi million dollar business and consistently make multiple six-figures a year working from my phone and sometimes from a table with a martini (extra dirty okurrr!?)

Can you believe it!? A small town girl from Maine breaking the mold all because she was sick and tired of being told what to do, when to do it and how!

But you know the best part? I didn’t do it alone. I was able to help hundreds of other people just like you and I do the SAME. EXACT. THING! Yeah! Strangers even! Well, luckily those strangers have become some of my closest friend and my life has been forever transformed because of that one simple decision!

I’m able to be a more present mother, available spouse, friend AND wait for it...still have time for me! Yeah I know, sounds impossible right?.. I get it

How do I help others do it? Aside from figuring things out as we go, I’ve been able to leverage my experience in behavioral psychology and professional development to help newbies and experts 10x their income and leverage their time without sleezy, old-school techniques taught by many “gurus” today. It also takes the guesswork work out or starting a successful business if you come to the table with drive and discipline.

So I guess it’s question time...

Are you ready for something different? Because I was, and that’s why I do what I do! The industry needed to be shaken up , spiced up and savored a little different.

So, what are you waiting for!?

Swipe left if you’re crazy enough to believe (like I was) that you can be living a better life as soon as tomorrow with one simple “YES”! 😅

Oh Em Gee ... you’re ready aren’t you!?

I can tell you’re ready! Swipe left and let’s do this!

See ya there!