The Covers Library

Hi, I am Fatima and this is The Covers Library. I started out making premade and custom book cover designs and now offering different kinds of services that can help authors succeed in their journey.

If you’re interested with my services, please feel free to shoot me a message via Instagram or email at [email protected]

Collection of Works

Feel free to browse the works I made for my clients. I hope that I can put yours here too!

👉🏻 Kindly press lightly on the photos to view the full version. Thank you!

The Relocation Blueprint

by Nyjele Lavaughan

Suits and Stilletos

by Shubham Sinha

Gabriella: The Heart of a Wounded Soldier

by Aliviere

An Introduction To Me

by Igwe Basil

Coffee Is Life!

Island Vibes

Taylor Swift

Why Work With Me?

If you’re having trouble in finding the right cover designer for you then worry no more! We can create your book cover in 5 easy steps here in The Covers Library:

1. Connect - contact me via dm or email.

2. Collaborate - discussion of project details

3. Confirm - agreement of the terms and conditions via contract signing and settlement of the downpayment to start the creating

4. Create - execution of the project agreed upon and submission for client’s feedback.

5. Complete - turnover of the final output and settlement of the remaining fee from the client.

Got any questions about the process? Shoot me a dm or send me an email at [email protected]