Behind the Board

Geneva Dampare, Owner

I’ve always tried to create spaces and moments where people can just relax and be themselves. No matter if I’m home or away, there’s nothing more important to me than spending time with the people I care about. It doesn’t matter if I’m having a solo staycation, brunch with the girls, or hosting a game night— I’ve found the common denominator unifying all those experiences has been Quality.

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s to learn to enjoy the company of ourselves and cherish the time we have with others.

I started this boutique small business as a way to marry a few of my passions and to share the love I have for quality life experiences. Whether it’s the food you’re serving, the drinks you’re sipping, or the music that’s playing in the background— I’ve put thought and consideration into every aspect.

At The Curated Plate, my mission is to make entertaining easier by alleviating the guess work out of prepping. All you have to do is get your loved ones together, I’ll take care of the rest.

Our Menu —

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Menu Gallery —

Each plate Include a variety of gourmet cheeses, cured meats (pork), assortment of seasonal fruits, vegetables, nuts, spreads and small size of artisan crackers.

*photos are examples

The Solo

$25 each • Perfect for a party of 1 or for social distancing.

The Duet

$55 • Serves 2-3. Comes with at least 2 varieties of meats and cheeses.

The Demo

$90 • Serves 4-6. Comes with at least 3 varieties of meats and cheeses.

The Mixtape

$125 • Serves 7-8. Comes with at least 4 varieties of meats and cheeses.

Comes on a reusable, custom wooden board.

The Album

$175 • Serves 10-12. Comes with at least 5 varieties of meats and cheeses.

Comes on a reusable, custom wooden board.

The Remix

$85 • By popular demand, you can now combine two fan favorites into one large box. This box serves 3, so you can spread the love.

The Duet + The Sweet Serenade = The Remix

The Beet Box

$55+ • Serves 2-6. Comes a variety of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and accoutrements.

The Raw Capella

$60+ • Serves 2-6. Comes with a variety of vegan-friendly meats, cheese and accoutrements.

The Sweet Serenade

$25 • Serves 2. Includes a variety of French cookies, fresh fruit, dessert cheese, sweet spread, chocolate truffles, etc.

Side of Crackers

$10 • Each order is accompanied by a small serving of crackers, so you can focus on the star of the show—the curated plate. Add a medley of artisan crackers to your order to ensure you have enough.

Our Packaging

Each order is not only prepared with love, but packaged and delivered with care. All orders are come wrapped in ribbon with bamboo utensils and a details card on the side.