1:1 Coaching

Ready to get curious?

Helping you navigate & create change, explore your identity, and awaken your creative spirit.

This is for you if you are:
🤦 Feeling stuck or out of sync with your Values
😳 Struggling with new changes in your life
🔥Unable to tap into your creative drive
🪢Ready to untangle your programming and release old patterns

If you're ready to get out of your own way, and take a leap - this is where the magic happens! ✨

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Creative Branding Consultation

Take the mystery out of branding

Are you a new coach or entrepreneur looking to create branding elements for your practice?

I help you navigate the creative branding process, providing you with tools so you can engage a design professional, eliminating frustration and creating a clear vision for your branding.

Plus, I evaluate your branding elements with you so that you can understand what to look for, and how to give productive creative feedback.

This is for you if:
🆕 You're a new coach or entrepreneur
💌 You're about to reach out to a graphic designer to create your branding assets
😤 You're frustrated with trying to "fix" branding that's not what you have in your head

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About Me

Hi, I'm Amanda!

🧭 I help you navigate new identities + (re)tell your story

🧩 Self-Discovery & Self-Evolution

📚 @jrni Coaching Intensive

My pronouns are: She/Her
I support: 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️✊🏿

Fun facts:
💁🏼 I am the eldest of 7 siblings
🐕I have a 2 year old rescue dog named Ru
🎸I play guitar and bass. Search for Lovely by Mustard Tyger on Spotify + Apple Music.
📷 I am also an amateur photographer. Check out my portfolio on IG @lens_bare or at rebel-rebel-etc.com.