Hey love, it's Dana.

I might be the girl on your newsfeed that changes your life....

I’m Dana Bodero, Wifey, a Mama to many and a friend to all! First, I have to say thank you for coming to my page 😘

Here’s some background on me so you can get to know me better: My favorite color is pink, even though most of my clothes are black or white. I enjoy long silent walks through TJ Maxx and I survive on sloppy kisses from my kids and Skinny Cold Brew to keep me focused.

My not-so-cute past • I got pregnant at 18 I left home to live with my daughters father, participated in government assistance programs like Medicaid and WIC for the first time in my life. I dropped out of school 4 months before graduation, disappointed my family, and lost myself. When my daughter was born, I felt an instant unexplainable love, followed by an overwhelming fear. I suffered from Postpartum Depression/Anxiety and anorexia I thought about taking my life when I couldn't handle the domestic violence anymore. Now, I’m an advocate and a light for other women who may be in a dark place.

2 years later I married the most amazing man who adopted my daughter and we had 4 more babies and no direction. I got a GED, decided to go to online college and finally at 35 I had a college degree. My husband was deployed and I was home with all 5 kids. When I got the call that my husband was coming home injured I needed a way to supplement his income because I had no idea what was going to happen. I started working through social media and created a six figure income from Facebook and a Instagram. We’ve paid off credit card debt, student loans, given back to our families after years of them loving us through our darkest times, traveled all over and bought our first home. The money has been incredible, but the friendships and self-growth it’s provided is UNREAL. It’s become the greatest blessing of our lives and I love to share it with others.

Fast Forward to NOW: I view social media as a place to shine a light • take criticism // comparison off the table and replace it with kindness and encouragement.

So, that’s me! I can’t wait to get to know YOU better!!!