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Just a self made, beauty obsessed 28 year old teaching others how to age gracefully, travel the world and stay in tip top shape all while revolutionizing an industry.

My life changed drastically in a matter of 2 years . When the pandemic hit I lost my Grandmother and in results of performance I lost my job as well. I was completely distorted and hit rock bottom . I didn’t know what to do or where to turn. Plenty nights of worrying and crying God directed me to take a year off to travel, practice extreme self love and work on my mental health. Instead of me thinking God why me he changed my mindset to think why not you? And it has made all the difference. Having a Growth Mindset over a Fixed Mindset will really change your life and make you revaluate all your negative thoughts! Let me teach you by making your best bet on yourself. Whether you’re stay at home mom,teacher,stylist, doctor,accountant, influencer, etc. I want you to know this ground level opportunity will change your life, your family’s life and those around you .

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