Fictional Authenticity

Release Your Past, Start Living Your Real Life

From asshole to transformation junkie, Alex Terranova's journey to change his life wasn't easy. In fact, transforming from flippant restaurant-opening playboy to self-loving, self-aware coach for high performers simply wasn't predictable.At 32-years-old, Alex woke up. He saw his life, his story, and who he was for what it was...complete bullshit. Inspired by fictional influences and pop culture icons and media like Saved By The Bell, The Godfather, and Michael Jordan, Alex created his life by becoming the resigned charismatic "Cool Guy" who got the girl. And while it looked authentic and great, in fact his work of fiction left him feeling empty, unsatisfied, and miserable.

Fictional Authenticity will call you out on your bullshit. Read about Alex's journey to self-awareness and change, and learn the techniques that he used so that you can do it yourself. This book is your invitation to reflect on your life, vocalize your dreams and take on the actions that will support you to separate from your Fictionally Authentic life and create the life of your dreams.

"Alex is a brilliant, hilarious thinker! In this book, he opens the door to transformational thinking and getting outside of our own little boxes into a large vision of life and powerful living. Wherever Alex leads, it's a good idea to follow!"
- Christopher McAuliffe , Master Certified Coach and Founder and CEO of Accomplishment Coaching

"Alex brings a combination of boldness, truth, and heart that's undeniable. He truly cares, and wants to make those around him better. The feeling is contagious!"
- Peter Guzzardi , a uthor of Emeralds of Oz and editor for Deepak Chopra and Stephen Hawking

"Alex Terranova has a unique gift to create a powerful yet safe space for transformation and growth..."
- Dr. Erin Fall Haskell, best selling author of Awakening, Global Peace Leader, Founder TV Host of Good Morning LaLa Land and Soulciete

"I met Alex early in his career and it was instantly clear to me that he has what it takes to be successful. He's an awe-inspiring person and it makes me very happy to know that he's sharing his talents in a way that helps others."
- David L. Hoyt, "The Man Who Puzzles America" and the most syndicated puzzle maker in America

" Alex is ferocious in his commitment to the transformation of others , and is courageous enough to be equally ferocious about his own. His work in the area of personal growth is full of heart and at the same time, honors forward movement in the endeavors he and the people around him are taking on. Alex manages to do all this and share his voice as a leader in the world with integrity and honor along the way. "
- Mark Hunter , Master Certified Coach, President and Founder Pinnacle Coaching, and author of The Brink; How Great Leadership Is Invented

"We transform the world by transforming ourselves. And in Fictional Authenticity, Alex guides us through life-affirming practices to powerfully shift from where we are to where we'd like to be. Throughout the journey, he gently guides us to step into our power & own our impact. "
- David Ji , award winning author of Sacred Powers and the best-selling author of Destressifying

"Alex Terranova is a brilliant, joyful and boldly dynamic coach with a keen ability to cut-through the bullshit and create powerful change in the lives of others. His commitment to authentic transformation is exceptional; his strategies and advice serve as a supportive mirror, your biggest cheerleader and the motivation to elevate to your very best. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for meaningful growth and to cultivate greater success in their personal or professional lives."
- Corene Summers , International Meditation Teacher and Founder of the Artisan Farmacy

"Alex is truly a one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense, heart-centered, spirit-led kind of guy. And it's a pleasure and privilege to know him as a friend.
In addition to the treasure trove of timeless wisdom and sage advice that he offers , what inspires me most about Alex and this phenomenal book, is his authentically gritty and bold - but loving - voice! That, more than anything else, separates him from the other extraordinary self-help experts in the field.

Alex genuinely strives to make people's lives better, and he's committed to practicing what he preaches; he walks the talk because he's done - and continues doing - the work. And that makes all the difference in the world.

This is a real book for real people - people like you, me and Alex. With this book, Alex didn't just put his thoughts on paper; he put his entire heart and soul into these pages . In doing so, he shares not only his own fascinating personal journey but also practical tips, tricks, tools, and techniques for carving out your own authentic path to true success and authentic happiness, too."
- Robert Mack , author of Happiness from the Inside Out, Positive Psychology Expert & host of Good Morning LaLa Land

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