This witch can be bribed with chocolate

What your DUH theory about halloween

What your DUH halloween special theory

We have gathered a few teenagers to express their ideas, advices, experiences concerning the holiday.

Hi my name is Jaynelly

....I think we should celebrate Halloween because it’s fun, it’s always good to go trick or treating and have a nice time with your family and friends Nd how everybody gets together is a good thing to........Umm I really don’t have any pictures from Halloween but there snacks is basically all the candy.

Hi my name is jeanae

Halloween is like a spooky season you can dress like whatever (you could be a monster, princess you can literally be a bottle it doesn't matter).I'm not too sure about this year celebration due to the coronavirus but normally I just go up to people's doors, knock and say TRICK- TREAT!!!!!!
on the end of giving us candy after that we end up watching scary movies and putting up scary decorations it's more like Christmas but in a spooky way.Most of the time people say you should stop TRICK-A-TREATING at the age of 16 but I do it anyways CZ ITS FUNNNNN

Hi my name is tyty

it’s fun and you get free candy. You can also dress up as scary things or cute things depending on sum body style

Hi my name is LeBron

one of the best experiences I had was when I went to a party with my brothers. We came from getting food and arrived a little late. My brother has a lot of rich friends so the party was at a fat house. It was really fun

What is going on in our society?


"from every mountainside, let freedom ring"


What is SARS and why do we need to end it?

The special anti robbery squad(SARS )is a unit of Nigerian police force. Many youths in Nigeria gather the streets of Lagos to express their frustration concerning the Stars. Over the years they have been public records of SARS units committing corruption and malpractice of power across the country. Despite all the corruption records the Nigerian government failed to take action.the Nigerian youths in Abuja, ibadan, Benin, Delta and other cities across the country have also taken to the streets to demand change and total disbandment of SARS police units.

#BLM movement —

No justice, no peace

#black lives matter

What is BLM? Why is it important?

black lives matter (BLM) is it the centralized political and social movement advocating for nonviolent civil disobedience in protest against incidents of police brutality and all racially motivated violence against black people. The bottom movement and its related organizations typically advocates against police violence towards black people as well as the various other police policy charges and consider to relate to Black liberation.
#BLM movement

The duh theory

What your duh theory

The duh theory was created for the purpose of allowing teens to express their thoughts, feelings, advices and ideas in a theory. In order to create a more approachable society


Who is she?

My name is Chisom C Ezeh, I am 16 years old and the founder of the DUH theory. I originally came from West Africa, Nigeria but relocated to the US for further education. I decided to make "the duh theory" for many reasons but specifically for socializing and educating teens around the world. I noticed that were I came from and were i am now, have totally different ways of communicating with one another. So I decided to make a platform where kids from different areas can be able to share and create ideas for others to learn.


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