About Me

Learning about our spirits, minds, and bodies to help us all reach our highest self.

I’m a spiritualist mastering reading tarot cards, oracle cards, and tea leaves! Specializing in manifesting, using pendulums, and working with herbs & crystals.

I’m currently studying astrology and fire scrying. Next I want to learn how to read runes, birth charts, and reiki therapy.

As a full time student I major in general psychology, with a minor in women’s & gender studies. My goal is to work as a healer full time.

Book a tarot reading through my Instagram, and listen to balance podcast if you’re interested in raising your vibration and meeting your highest self. ✨

Tarot Services

Tarot is a form of divination used to gain insight into the clients past, present, or future. A reading from Maxine Kelly will provide you with an accurate and detailed message from the universe addressing any and all concerns & questions you may have.

5 Question Tarot Q&A

Ask any five questions!

General Tarot Reading

This full tarot reading will address any and all concerns you may have.

Love Reading

Ask about a cheating partner. Find out about your soulmate. Learn how a crush feels about you. This style of reading is reserved for all questions about love and relationships.