My Favorite Oils


• Diffuse a few drops to ease into sleep
• Add a drop to your moisturizer for a soothing boost
• Add to water and tea to ease tense feelings


• Energize your day by adding it to a diffuser
• Soothe occasional nausea by taking two drops in water
• Rub into areas of tension on your neck, shoulders, and head


• Drink with water to cleanse your body
• Give your respiratory system support and help with digestion
• Add to water in a spray bottle to clean household surfaces

doTERRA On Guard

• Support and strengthen the immune and respiratory systems from seasonal or environmental threats
• Diffuse to purify the air, and to give off an uplifting aroma

Wild Orange

• Diffuse in the room to uplift mood when you’re having a bad day and purify the air
• Support your immune system and add flavor by adding two drops to your beverages


• Support your cells with two drops in a veggie capsule
• Apply to skin to help with razor bumps and other skin imperfections
• Diffuse to add peace, relaxation, and satisfaction to your day

doTERRA Breathe

• Maintain feelings of clear breathing by applying to your chest or diffusing into the air
• Rub into your feet or put into your palms and cup them around your nose to minimize the effects of season threats

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

• Add to face wash for skin cleansing benefits
• Use it in your diffuser to cleanse and freshen the air
• Apply to fingernails and toes to keep them looking healthy


• Take internally for indigestion and bloating and to ease feelings of queasiness
• Rub on your stomach before a long flight for its calming aroma

doTERRA Serenity

• Help calm your emotions and soothe your senses by diffusing or applying to your temples or wrists

Accountability Affirmations

I accept complete responsibility for my own well-being.

It is both my privilege + my responsibility to take ownership of my life.

I am no longer allowing the past to influence me in the present or dictate my future.

I am not a victim.

I am powered to do, income, achieve + experience every single thing that I want in this lifetime + I am willing to do what it takes to attract what I want.

All of the opportunities + resources I could possibly need are available to me. So, I am owning my life

I am owning my choices. I no longer blame others for my mistakes or problems.

I stay in my lane + I go after my goals.

I am confident, capable + fully able.

I am true to my values + my personal needs.

I follow through + finish what I start.

I stand up for myself + what’s important to me.

I’m approaching everyday as an opportunity to grow, learn, give + be grateful.

I’m conscious of my time + my daily decisions.

I’m not chasing validation from outside sources.

The person I am here to impress is me + I am doing me happily, staying in course, owning my life, fulfilling my potential + pursuing my dreams.