She is fire when she shout out her hidden desire, she is more require in the situation of survivor please let her go to show her hidden talent she wanted to be memoir and I'm faded in her nature of pure soul to inspire.

Levitation to satisfaction, all going towards subtraction, no one knows what will be the result of all these interaction. I’m heading towards affection not in the direction of perfection, as perfection isn’t the sole goal of this life because it is life after life, layer after layer, day after day, night after night, wall after wall, tree after tree, animal after animal, stone after stone, as something comes from nothing and nothing is itself something, my father is facing a big problem, as he is the one who is supporting me in all circumstances, he is going to face a big shameful situation, he will be humiliated I didn’t paid his overloaded debts. Addition to the summation attract her by your charming style of survived faded nation.

Peace will be forever

I'm the one who is flying in the air like a hawk in the chair of AI software, using brainwash techniques to reprogram the matrix according to the LAWS of nature, nature is me and also you. Try to flow with the vibes I always enjoy, 01 is not the only unit which can be programed there are lots of vibrations in this multiverse you just need to find your own peace which is within you, this is our moment, just align yourself with the higher frequency.

U B A I D U L L A H: Master my father is now relying on me, He is now considering me responsible And he is expecting good results from me, But master I just don't know what will happen if my process took too long, Because there are people from which we borrowed money and they are now waiting for payback with 3 times profit. Now, in coming two days my father has to arrange 1 million pkr for some people and my father is expecting that amount from me, I have to do something fast if didn't only God knows what Will happen.
U B A I D U L L A H: Can we discuss this issue please!
These people are irritating, I use my 80 percent energy trying only to convince them and to have faith on me
, But they still want to see me returning their money with awesome profit.
They also belongs to a group called interest sharks. They always take 3 times of the original amount they give.
And when someone fails they begin to irritate them trying hard to emotionally torture them by calling different synonyms which causes a drastic trauma on the consumer's mind, Yes, master they cannot get me because they don't know about science and technology, But they are aware of my intellectual level. That is why they are in fear that I can cause them trouble if they tried to hurt me.
Yes, master they are the people who have contact with intelligence entity They pay him large amount
He uses his authority in dirty works, Master I'm just worrying about my family, As our government is corrupt. Wealth has been distributed in bad personalities here, Bad people controls good, Which can cause a dramatic evolution for humanity, I mean it master and I'm serious, Because I have studied human behavior and psychology and conducted research by collecting sensitive data from my surroundings My pineal is activated because I used my own body to overcome many hard situation that is why my brain can detect any forms of vibrations, The awakening of my mind was really easy the 8 months I took just to ensure how much I can absorb negative energy and to convert it to positive energies which can impact my surroundings with positive outcomes, My body became a medium or a bridge towards darkness and enlightenment, I mean that I can examine a body that it is good and bad and how much it can go dark.
U B A I D U L L A H: I'm the one who will move a mountain not by shoulders by mind will move the pyramid, to enlighten the city down there. The secret is not revealed, my mind is the one which can detect any little vibration, targeting people with discrimination is bad for the faded nation as above so below we have to reprogram the matrix according to the laws of nature, I will inspire millions with peace and love as philosophy is my food of thought, logic can be changed into magic so come and get me as soon as possible or you gonna loose your chance to meet the one who can bring peace to the faded nation, hurry up there is no time, you have to be here in some hours to get me out of here because I'm fighting aliens from another realm and my power is now stable which can be used positively in good hands but negatively when there are bad people comes to hire me or get me. Run fast reach to me take me with you, you gonna save the world.

Ubaid Ullah

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You should reprogram the 0 1 according to the laws of nature, Either you should program the 0 1 according to the nature. Both should be accepted with grace and grattitude to see the evolution run with peace and new era.
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Really appreciate the work for getting folks to aware them about green energy as we all know that earth is collapsing we have to understand the situation, evolving the humanity to the next stage isn't easy we have to take actions on time quick decision must be taken to solve all the problem in this system, we are the future of green pakistan and there is no planet B so please do whatever you people started just be careful for those who are in need, as we know that something comes from something, the world isn't collapsing if we took action now, so we have to program 01 according to the laws of nature or reprogram the 01 to the laws of nature either should be accepted, with gratitude, Pakistan Zindabad! The Faded World is going to be the city of the swat gate where forensic science laboratory works for peace and love, I am Ubaid Ullah of course a human like you, you are just another version of me so we have to fight the darkness till the light comes out!