New Program!

12 Week Mind. Body. Refresh

This 12 week program is designed to help you:

✨ Overcome obstacles that are holding you back, and CREATE a clear vision and path for your tomorrow!
→ In a safe space you will get undivided attention and support to define your goals and passions, and how to truly achieve them.

✨ Understand your current eating habits, and implement easy changes to BOOST your well-being!
→ This will cover in depth discussion on what your meals currently look like and simple ways to adjust them to improve your health. This includes grocery shopping support, fridge makeover and weekly meal ideas.

✨ Discover why certain foods drain your energy, affect your mood, and REBUILD your vitality!
→ By guiding you through a simple and proven food journaling process, we can uncover what foods align with your own unique makeup.

You will get:
• (6) 60 min, 1-on-1 individualized coaching sessions that provide you an inclusive safe space! 

• Personal, unlimited messages when things are getting hard - it’s okay, I’m here to help you!

• Extensive resources, tools, and practice material to find your strength and self-empowerment!

About Me

I am an Integrative Health Coach, here to support you on your health journey!

In a market now inundated with health coaches- each one telling you they can “fix” your issues by joining their program and downloading their workbooks and guides- I am here to tell you NO.

As a HSP (highly sensitive person) who has struggled with anxiety and depression, a constant upset stomach, and left feeling so very lost- I downloaded every anxiety journal, food sensitivity test and online seminar you could think of- and GUESS WHAT? Each one left me more lost and confused.

So that is why I am here, why I became a health coach- I am your guide and support to begin feeling your best. No quick fixes. No magic cures. And NEVER telling you, you are wrong or broken. Just healing and understanding yourself, and your body, for the long term.