The Freedom Dream

💧Enlightening personal trainers to regain their time back 💧Vitality/Health back to their clients💧

After 20 Years of being a Personal Trainer, I understand the pain of having to get up at 5 am on those cold, dark and rainy 🌧 winter mornings working through until 8, sometimes 9 pm.
Especially being from the UK.

Having those awkward gaps during the day, developing programmes daily with not enough time to relax or do anything for myself. Before I knew it, it was back to the gym until the evening. Feeling constantly exhausted. 😩 Just wishing there was another way to get my time back!

🤔Thinking about all the things I love!

🏖 I love being at the beach
🌊 I love the ocean
🌴 I love being out in nature
💎 I love crystals
📚I love self-development and learning new skills.
I would imagine the possibility of being able to get up and work when I chose to not when I had to!

But mostly I love to have FUN!

What if I could just share my life? Show people there is another way, a way to inspire others to live the lifestyle they choose whilst helping people with their health.

🕒 I wanted more time instead of feeling confined to the four walls of the gym or always having to be there one-on-one for my clients.

Who loves working weekends?
Who loves holidays?
Especially being able to go away for a long period of time?
Worrying about that gym rent!
Not being able to enjoy my Sunday evenings as I had to be up at 5 am again.

⏳ I felt my precious time was slowly slipping away through my fingers like sand.

I was introduced to an amazing, epic COMMUNITY called...


The value is incredible with 6000 people part of this epic online space. Daily it feels amazing to be part of something that works, converts and has helped myself regain my time back so I can finally say YES to me!
🧑‍🎨 To be the designer of my own destiny.
Not to mention the inner circle masterminds from multiple 7️⃣ figure earners weekly that are included. So I can learn new skills woohoo!
I love and look forward to our Monday night huddles. Here we get to hang out, show up as ourselves and learn from the very best, and just be me!

Plus as a massive bonus I get to give back to my clients with the ultimate gift anyone can give.


So, my question to you is...

Are you ready to be ENLIGHTENED⁉️

IF this has been your story and your thinking the same thing then hit the link below to meet some of the community that's helped myself increase my self-belief. They are an amazing team of epic individuals that actually care. Here they offer a FREE webinar to find out more.

Thank you legend,
I'm excited for your new exciting journey!