Ten years from now, make sure that you can say you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.

Refusing to settle.

It started with curiosity (and I’m a sucker for products with great reviews, incredible results, clean ingredients and pretty packaging). What I got was so much more!!

My passion and what fuels my soul is helping others. It gets me up in the morning. Coffee keeps me going. Incredible skincare has me glowing. And must-have haircare has me feeling confident and beautiful!

That wasn’t always the case though! My hair sucked and my bank account sucked more. I had a daily job which was good but I was lacking a fulfillment. My husband and I had just gotten married and new we wanted to buy a house and start our family.

We need help financially and I needed help personally. Enter in the bottle of shampoo and conditioner. It started as a desperate attempt to fix my dry, thin, damaged hair and after my first wash I needed to know more.

You see after one wash I knew the product was as incredible as the pictures I had seen. So what could being in business with this company mean?

Financial freedom. Time freedom. Spoiling our beautiful baby girl. Buying all the things needed for our first house. Building a team of other inspirational and incredible women. A fulfillment in my heart and fire back in my soul that was missing after leaving a career in retail that I knew would no longer work for my new plans in life.

Do you feel stuck? Feel like something is missing? Wish you had more time with your family? Would love to take that dream vacation? Need to get out of debt?

Then we need to chat.