Hi Friend!

I’m Amy,

. . . . the girl behind The Garden Locker community! I’m wife to “Dan the Man” and mama to 3 sweet teens. Give me Jesus, oils, a garden with tons of roses and lavender, fabric, paint, iced americanos, and I’m a happy gal:)

My wellness journey to start living a more natural lifestyle began 2 1/2 years ago. I had been struggling for years with an autoimmune disease (colitis) and was looking for ways to manage my health more holistically.

I really started taking a hard look at the products I was using everyday on myself and bringing into my home for my family. I quickly started learning that the conventional products we were using were full of harmful chemicals and fragrance. It was incredibly eye opening and I knew I needed to make changes #nobetterdobetter. A friend introduced me to Young Living’s oils and their beautiful clean/non toxic products.

I slowly started ditching those toxic products and replacing them with safe products I trust! Our home is now filled with oils and products that better support our overall health and wellness . . . . immune systems, sleep, emotions, skin, gut, and so much more!

These were not overnight changes. They continue to be slow small changes that make a huge difference over time. I will forever be thankful for this journey because it has changed our lives. My heart is for you to experience these changes too! My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.

I am here to welcome you into our beautiful community and walk along side you every step of the way! 💕