The Genesis Ascension

Self Mastery & Cosmic Remembrance

It is Jasmine’s Soul mission to Activate you, hold space while you Heal/Reprogram your mind, Infuse you with Light Codes/Spirit, & Lead you in your Cosmic Remembrance of who you are & the Medicine you are here to gift the world.


Her current modalities include:

β€’1:1 Spiritual Growth & Life Coaching
β€’Group Courses & Workshops
β€’Oracle Reading
β€’Light Language Reiki
β€’Shamanic Healing
β€’Shamanic Chakra Balancing


You can also find her on:


β€’ @soulfulenergeticsllc (Page) ~ She does free prize giveaways, channeled Oracle posts, & weekly Live Energy updates

β€’ @thesoultribeportal (Group) ~ She does Live masterclasses, embraces Sovereign community, group Live Oracle card readings, Activations through Cosmic energy, & group Healing sessions

β€’ @JasmineA.Heald (Profile) ~ She writes channeled messages, shares magical content in her stories, & provides a Sacred space to Rise through your Spiritual Awakening


β€’ Her storefront is packed with all of the resources she has personally used to assist her in fulfilling her Destiny, navigating her Spiritual Awakening, & embodying all that she is


It is not by chance that you were led to this cosmic brand. Your Soul guided you to connect with Jasmine and this bohemian luxury brand because her Healing Abilities/Infinite Gifts/Cosmic Medicine have the Power to completely change your life

Discover the Wisdom Within & Revolutionize your life


Conscious Leadership

β€œThe way you lead yourself is the way you lead the world.” ~ Jasmine Heald