About The CEO

Moses Breif Backstory

Coming up in a full household it being 11 of us I always knew I was different from my siblings. Kept my grades above the typical smart kid in the room yet I never felt as if I belonged. I seeked something more. Graduated high school top of my class and got a decent job in warehouses. Didn't really like it all that much but it was a check then I transitioned to hospitality and was hired as a dishwasher. Worked my way up to bartender/serving and then I knew I enjoyed making other people's day. While making money yet the feeling of impacting wasn't enough. I was introduced to this greatful opportunity to make good money and leave a significant impact on as many lives as possible which in hindsight is the ultimate goal one person at a time.

My Occupation

Skill & Passion

What is it I do for a living you ask?........ Simple I'm a trader and independent buisnessowner. I'm also a leader and strive for the absolute best in every one I come in contact with or lead. Always I'm a mentor/mentee and will remain teachable and coachable. In the same token it's a passion of mine to impact as many individuals as I can because opportunities like this are extremely rare.

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