The Gift Guide by Roanna Day

A free expert gift idea service

Hi, I’m Roanna Day and over the course of my career I’ve edited hundreds upon hundreds of gift guides for luxury magazines and websites. From Christmas gift guides to suit every age, budget and style to guides selecting the best Easter eggs, birthday gifts and Valentine’s ideas.

My role as digital editor of a luxury lifestyle brand (Red) gave me access to the best of the best, from knowing the new brands making a name for themselves to being able to decipher which luxury brands are actually worth their salt (and which are just all style and no substance!), being a lifestyle editor has honed my gift section skills to a fine art.

While on maternity leave in 2020 I launched The Gift Guide by Roanna Day to help people with their Christmas shopping, a tiny gesture from me to try and help bring a little extra festive cheer after the year of all years. It turns out, my vast brand knowledge and expert gift ideas were much sought after and soon my inbox was flooded with requests. Then, testimonials started to appear and requests for birthday, anniversary and baby shower gift ideas arrived too. And so, now with my freelance hat firmly on, my gift guide is back for Christmas 2021 and, who knows, if time allows I’ll carry it on into the New Year too.

As I’m spinning lots of plates this year, and I want to make sure none of your requests get lost, I’ll be limiting Gift Guide requests to my Instagram profile. I’ll publish a new question box in my stories every week and you can enter your gift idea request in there. If you have a very detailed request (which is very welcome!) you can slide into my DMs.

A good gift lifts the spirit, a good gift can bring connection and importantly, and the reason for me doing this, a good gift can make someone feel known, seen and loved.

Let’s get gifting.