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Hello my black hearts! 🖤 I welcome all of you to The Goddess Tarot.
I'm Nera - Enchantress of Ancient Egypt, Spirit Worker, Breathwork Instructor, Reiki & Trance Healer, Animal Reiki Practitioner

Tarot Readings & Healing Sessions

In-depth Love Tarot Reading

This is an in-depth, extensive spread about a current relationship. It covers the past, present, and possible future outcome of the relationship- as well as both partners hopes, fears, aim, other people, environmental factors and unknown factors.

My reading can help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and show room for improvement. It can also help illuminate where your strengths are as a couple. Every relationship is unique, and that means you will receive individualized advice or input.

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Quick Relationship Tarot Reading

Sometimes we can’t even describe our own feelings, this 5 card spread look inside of the soul of your lover to understand how they feel in a relationship.

This spread allows me to clearly understand the intentions of the partners towards each other, how they feel in the relationship and if their feelings and thoughts ALIGN WITH THEIR ACTIONS.


Broken Hearts Package

This package designed for a relationship that has just ended but there is hope of getting back together or not.

With the Broken Hearts Tarot Reading, understand why your relationship ended, why it wasn't meant to be (at least at the moment) and get advice about how to heal your heartache, how to move on..

Heart Chakra Reiki Healing will align you to your passion, purpose, and possibilities that are available to you in the highest divine timeline. (P.S. If you regularly experience problematic or draining relationships, or find you have a difficult time connecting to people in a meaningful way, then it’s possible that your heart chakra is blocked.)

Tear It Out Meditation is for your body to cleanses itself and suppressed emotions come out.

This is a little help from me to you. Always remember, your story is not over.

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