About Chela

Living authentically, momentously, and beautifully.

Growing up in the Napa Valley, I’ve developed an exquisite taste for beautiful places, fine dining, and excellent wines. Whether it be in fashion, dining, interior spaces, or experiences, this “laid-back luxury” lifestyle has led me to explore the finer things within every aspect of life.

Although I’ve developed a refined taste, I remain grounded in my Mexican roots as my life remains driven by my family, spiritual practices, relationship to the planet, and humble beginnings. I truly believe that by honoring our roots and accepting who we are wholly and authentically, we allow ourselves the space to explore and reach our true and limitless potential. After developing my personal spiritual practices and beliefs over the course of 10 years, I’ve learned that my personal style revolves around luxury & mindfulness backed by my values of authenticity, fun, and beauty.

To me, living a beautiful life means surrounding yourself with aesthetic spaces, having a deep appreciation for your mind, body, and soul, building strong relationships with others, and filling every aspect of life with beauty and joy. And as a style & interior design enthusiast, I’ve made it my mission to learn to lead everyday with mindfulness & appreciation for beauty. By learning to live mindfully and bring presence into every moment, we learn to release fear of our future and trust the unfolding that is our Golden Path, or Divine Path. In doing that, everyone can create a beautiful life of their own, regardless of wealth or circumstance.

Wtf is G-Living?!

Goddess, Grateful, & Graceful

G-Living is tapping into your inner Goddess or God energy and finding comfort in expressing your truth. It’s being graceful in every step we take and carrying ourselves with poise. It’s being grateful for every breath and every emotion that flows through our body.

G-Living is becoming in tune with your Highest Self, or your best self, by practicing gratitude, meditating, presenting ourselves timelessly, living authentically, or being the best you in any way that you can.

So here’s to living authentically, momentously, and beautifully. Cheers to the G-Life!

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