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My Guidance + Wellness Sessions

Root Cause Healing

Holistic health practitioner - 20 yrs experience.
• 1-1 Health mentoring
• muscle + energetic testing
• bioresonance scans
• gut health + hormone balancing
• skin health, natural beauty + lymphatic facial massage
• detox & drainage
• parasite cleanse + more.

Bioenergetic Scan + Report

This session is going over the results from your Bioenergetic scan. I will also be putting together a healing protocol for you from your scan results.

The scan is ordered separately- you can find this in my links & discounts page or order at www.creatingbalancedhealth.com, using my practitioner code thehealingplace when ordering for 20% off.

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Muscle testing for CellCore Protocol

This session includes distance muscle testing for CellCore supplements + a written report. I will prepare a CellCore detox protocol specifically for you, using the results we find from muscle testing.

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Connection to self

In these sessions I help you connect to your body and your emotions & support your healing journey move forwards if you feel stuck & anxious.

In this space I will teach you tools to support your body by connecting to your nervous system, rewiring your brain & limbic system, releasing suppressed emotions and old patterns.

Bringing peace, calm and safety into your body, creating a foundation for healing to take place.

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Test Results Review

Confused with any test results you have received and not sure what they mean?

In this session I will use my experience and qualifications to take a look at your test results. Helping bring you some clarity, and advise you on how to love forward.

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Root cause healing session

This session is to go over your health history, any test results and past treatments. To put in place and set up your treatment plan for your unique healing journey.

The protocol will include dietary & supplement recommendations, detox suggestions, and body & brain tips too.

This is a wholistic plan that will look at treating your body as a whole.

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Emotion + Body Code Session

This session includes distance energetic testing & clearing of blockages + trapped emotions from the body using the body code. A written report of findings will be sent to you.

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BVT Guidance Session

Looking to start bee venom therapy or just need some extra support with BVT?
This session will help you prepare & feel supported on your bee venom journey.

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Want to know more?

Certified Holistic Mentor + Detox Expert ~ I’ve been on the my own journey, learning about & living a holistic healing lifestyle for over 15 years.

I now help guide women on their healing journey using everything that I have learnt from my own experience, as I understand what chronic symptoms are like!

I work to get to the root cause of symptoms, and bring the body back into balance. Every body is unique, and this is the way that I will work with you.

I teach about detox & drainage, gut health & hormone balance, skin health, brain health & more.

I love sharing a holistic lifestyle to hopefully empower you on your own wellness journey.


The Healing Place

Teaching you how to heal yourself

My Top Picks for Black Friday Health Sales —

My favourite health products & biohacks.

I was conscious about adding to the noise of Black Friday. I know for me it can be an anxiety inducing time to buy stuff!

However, I also recognise that it is also a good opportunity to take advantage of the savings on things we want for our health & healing journey.

So in the hope this is helpful for some of you, I’ve put together my top Black Friday picks of my favourite biohacks for my health.


I’ve been using the medic green ultra since last Black Friday when I bought mine. I love it!

Not only does it harmonise EMF’s in your living space and reduce the impact of EMFs such as 5G on your body, it also structures your water too.

Somavedic structures water and changes it to a mountain spring quality water that is natural to our bodies and cells.

The Black Friday offer runs from the now until the 1st December.

Use code BLACKFRIDAYTHP for 20% off

CellCore Supplements

I love CellCore supplements! I use them in my daily protocol, to support detox, drainage & my mitochondria.

I personally use the Hydroxygen in my coffee enemas. I use the biotoxin binders daily to bind toxins. The MitoATP daily for energy & the CT minerals for mineral support. They also have amazing parasite cleansing kits!

This Black Friday offer is best for people living in the US. As the shipping can be a lot of shipping outside of the US.

So if you are in the US it’s a good time to take advantage of the 20% off the entire range of CellCore supplements.

You must first register with my practitioner code: QBOdw4nj. Then use the code BFCM20 for 20% off once registered.

Use Code BFCM20 after registering with my practitioner code.

Balanced Health Bio Resonance Scans.

Bioenergetic hair & saliva analysis, which determine your energetic health and give you a detailed report of your whole body scan - stress levels, food & environmental sensitivities, resonating toxins & hormone & nutritional imbalances.

You can save $50 | £37 off full scans. Plus with my practitioner code: you can save another $20 | £15 ! So a total of $70 | £52 off!

You can also save $40 | £30 on the PetMedulla scans for your pets.

USE CODE: thehealingplace for the $20 on top of the $50 Black Friday saving.

Swanwick Blue Light Blockers

My favourite blue light blocking glasses, which block 99-100% blue light. I use the classic night swannies every evening when the sun goes down to protect myself from blue light as much as possible. They really help the quality of my sleep!

It’s really important to protect ourselves from blue light from screens & electronically devices. Especially for our circadian rhythm, which has a huge impact on our hormones & quality of sleep.

Swanwick also offer a 30 day no risk money back guarantee.

Click Here to save $50 - $60

Essential Oils

I use young living essential oils because of their purity. Some of the oils I personally use are : frankincense oil on my skin. Peppermint oil to help clear and focus my mind. Stress away in my diffuser to help relax my nervous system. Panaway on my neck when I have any pain or tension. Thieves in my diffuser to purify the air of bacteria, viruses and mold.

They have a great Black Friday sale of up to 50% off oils, and some buy one get one free offers.

Contact or DM me if you are interested in getting some essential oils.

DM me for the details