The Health Story Teller

Welcome to The Health Story Teller’s Page!

I am passionate to share health tips, clean lifestyle, create non-toxic home within a budget & real wellness!

Your health is everything!

Revive your health & life!

Often people forget about the importance of their health until they get unwell. It can be prevented and improved by adding simple changes and steps in your life!

Ready to take actions?

Simple but powerful!

I am excited to share this information. Simple changes can go long way!

Eat Healthy & Clean

This seems simple but not so easy with busy life we live in. Please remember you are what you eat 😉

Drink Sufficient Water

Our body is 60% of water. To run our body smooth & efficient we need to drink water 💧If you don’t like plain water, try herbal tea!

Get your beauty sleep

I know I know, we all are busy with day to day affairs. However 8-9 hours of sleep will be worth it to add in your daily life!

Move your body

Often we stay in a same position for a long time. Move your body! Get your blood flowing! Trust me, you will feel refreshed 😉

Get toxins out of your home

We are exposed to many chemicals everyday. It accumulates in our body and create health problems that can’t be pinned down why. Well, go green, organic, all natural & eco-friendly cleaning & any personal care product! 🌱

Take health supplements

Our body need sufficient health supplements (because our body don’t make many important ingredients), such as vitamins, to function in better ways. I recommend high absorption rate supplements, VERY IMPORTANT!

Easy Clean Home Make Over!

Non-Toxic Home can do many amazing things!