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I am a Louisiana girl who moved to Texas for my husband's job. We've been here 20 years now. I started my business when my kids were 1 and 2 and now they are grown and gone!

Let me tell you, I knew NOTHING about makeup when I first started. I wasn't popular, I had freckles, hated high school, and I've always fought with my weight.

I've lived in so many states, had lots of jobs, and I have an English Degree! I thought I was going to law school, then changed to teaching, and then fell into the Oil & Gas Business instead.

After deciding to leave the Oil & Gas Business to become a SAHM, we moved to Houston, TX. We decided that I did need to go back to work, but I dreaded the thought of leaving the boys. Enter Mary Kay and I fell in love with the business, the friends, the community, the leadership... and the diamonds, cash, and cars.

I quickly became a top 2% earner in our company and have had a career car in Mary Kay for 19 years. Yes, it's PINK. #pinkcadillac

So here we are... I love what I do...and between you and me, I'm really, really good at it. I love making new friends and bringing confidence to women's hearts. I was never the popular one in school, and I never saw myself doing this for sure.

My goal is to make sure you feel special either by my presence, the products, or our amazing opportunity. (or all 3).

There is never any pressure from me, I'm a great sounding board. My second language is sarcasm, and I'm a born introvert
(ha, true story).

I'd be honored to get to know you better! My sweet spot is developing a customized skincare regimen for you that you can build on through all stages of life. After 40, your skin changes, and with those changes comes the need for adjustments. The tricks and products that worked in high school and college no longer fit into our mom and professional lives. You can wear makeup. You can look younger. I HAVE ALL the TOOLS. And NOW we can do all of these things V I R T U A L L Y! Isn't that grand?

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