A little bit about me...

Hi! I’m Sarah Heer-Cardenas and I’m a hairstylist, hence the name theHEERstylist, I thought I was quite clever with that one (;

Ive been married for 4 years now, I’m loving life and living the dream through my dream job. I’ve always known I wanted to do hair for a living. Just something about making a person feel beautiful again, being there for someone to talk to, and just simply being a part of someone’s appearance that genuinely makes them feel good about themselves. Your hair is 90% of your selfie but also a big part of how you feel. I know that when my hair is in a messy bun, I’m just feeling lazy that day. But when I have my color on point and my curls bouncing, it’s a whole vibe!

A girlfriend of mine started this shampoo business that I had heard a few things about and I was not about to hop on board with her without trying them out for myself! As a stylist I was very skeptical about joining anything hair related especially if you didn’t have to be a stylist to do so. My girl was a stylist herself and I 100% trusted her opinion. So I gave it a shot and tried some samples from her.

Let me tell you something... when I say I noticed a change with the first wash I mean it. What shampoo could make a difference this quick? I couldn’t even think of an excuse of why I didn’t want to hop on this journey with her. It was that good... it IS that good. The softness, the bounce, how quickly my natural curls came back, the shine, the natural ingredients, the before and afters I saw, the list goes on. Not only did I want to support her in her journey but I wanted my clients and friends to know what the heck this was all about.

Coming from 7 years experience behind the chair I thought I knew all about the “best” products to use and what were just gimmicks. Let me just say, this was no gimmick.

I was so excited to order everything just so I could get the full experience! Then I saw the comp plan. Are you telling me that I can make a living on selling something that I truly love and truly believe in? Hell yes I can!

This business has given me a community of woman who support you the whole way! Not to mention the growth I’ve seen, not just in my hair, but in myself as well. This business has helped me financially and mentally. I strive to bring the best there is out there to my clients, friends, and loved ones. And this is it, I have found it!

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