About Me

I am a holistic health practitioner that is all about a customized approach to health in a non judgemental way! Whether you consider yourself to be healthy already and just want to get into the more holistic side of health. Or you just started looking after your self, I'm here to help. And remember health is a continuous journey (one that can be bumpy for us all), not a destination!

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How to Save on Produce

Always Shop on Sale

Before you head to the store or place your order, always look at the weekly ad to find the cheapest produce. That way you aren't just adding random fruits and vegetables to your cart.

Buy Frozen

If you are a picky eater (like myself) or what you are looking for is not available amongst the fresh produce try looking in the freezer section. Chances are what you are looking for might also be a bit cheaper than the fresh option.

Try Cash Back & Couponing Apps

There are offers for just about everything on these apps so it is definitely worth a try to see if there are any offers on produce before your next shopping trip. You may even come across an offer or coupon on something that is already on sale.

How To Drink More Water

Tip #1 Buy A Nice Water Bottle/Tumbler/Jar

Because let's just be honest, you are more likely to drink from something that you actually enjoy looking at.

Tip #2 Keep Said Drinking Vessel Near You

Because how are you going to drink what isn't there?

Tip #3 Download A Water Drinking App

Just try it, it makes tracking your water intake so much easier, my favorite is Plant Nanny.

Tip #4 Turn It Into A Drinking Game

Listen to a T.V. show or just something where you know something will be said repetively, when it's said, drink. And no, you can't add in a shot of vodka. Remember, we are trying to be healthy here, do tequila instead. (Just joking)

Tip #5 Visualize Water

Last but not least, sometimes thinking of something in it's most optimal state can you want to experience whatever it is, sounds weird but try it.

A Berry Grey Smoothie


1/2 Cup of Frozen mixed berries

1/2 Cup of Almond milk (or any vegan milk)

1 Scoop Trusource Anytime Protein in vanilla (I would not necessarily recommend this protein powder, there are surely much healthier ones but I do not use this often.)

1 Scoop of spirulina

1/4 tsp of Amla powder

2 tbsp of Wheat bran

1/4 Cup of steel cut oats (Regular rolled oats will do just fine also.)

Place all ingredients into the blender, mix, then enjoy!