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About Me

Mama ☆ Wife ☆ Healer

One day I woke up and decided to change. That day I began to rebuild my life and began the process of healing from addiction. That process set me on a beautiful path of self-discovery, through (let's get real) some really painful growth. Growing Holistic is an expression of that growth.


I've always been good with connecting to people via my intuitive and empathic skills. Since I can remember, I've been using these sensing skills to help me navigate through life. In fact, I used that skill set to build a six figure dog training business (without even realizing it).

While training a dog one day I had a massive realization. (Not a ah-ha moment, more like a duh type moment.) I suddenly realized that I was asking the dog to sit without verbal or visual command, and he "listened". I was using energetics in my practice and I had been doing it for years.

And here is where my human coaching and healing practice was born!


I’m an avid reader and researcher (of everything) and I’m constantly hunting down new ways to heal, optimize my health, live a holistic lifestyle, and help my loved ones, friends, and even strangers find their joy. It is my burning desire to share what I have learned with each of you. 

I have two daughters, ages 10 and 15, and I have the most incredible love-story of a husband, Brad. We live on a mini farm just outside of Louisville, Kentucky where we raise our daughters, Mia and Jessie. We were lucky enough to purchase our home with numerous full-grown apple, pear, and peach trees on the property. So by default, we are farmers too lol.


My souls purpose is to help others. I love sharing my healing experience in hopes to shed light in others. I offer energy healing sessions, e-courses, custom coaching packages, and I often lead workshops all dedicated to your healing. 

My main message to you.... keep following those spiritual breadcrumbs. They lead to awakening, transformation, peace and joy.

Love and Light,