Holistic Performance~ intersections of creativity in art and sports

My background

⋒ BA (theatre) and BMus (contemporary voice) at Monash University.

⋒ I am a qualified yoga teacher, specialising in Purna yoga with influence of Oki-Do. I have also done training in Yoga philosophy, Ayurvedic practises as well as Chinese philosophy through the 5 elements. I also love to incorporate sound baths and healing through my classes.

⋒ I buy second hand, love thrifting and up-cycling. When I costume design or direct creative projects I only use second hand outfits or I work with sustainable brands.

⋒ I am the founder and Director of Wild Tongues Productions
~ an eco feminist performance collective, based between Melbourne, Aus and San Diego, USA

⋒ My focus at Uni was in directional theatre: taking inspiration from such works as “grapefruit” by Yoko Ono. Furthermore, I engaged heavily in gender studies amidst performance making, with a particular interest in equality in the music industry, looking at branding the female pop star~ and the objectification of women through media and marketing.

⋒ In music, the technical disciplines studied where of the jazz realm. With Ella Fitzgerald having been a major inspiration for me as a vocalist. I participated primarily in gospel ensembles under the guidance of Charmaine Jones, honing my skills and nurturing my love of music through collective experience.

⋒ My technical and athletic vocal training has been shaped through the Estill method, as I was mentored by Gerlald Marko.

⋒ I also specialise in alternative scores, working with musicians and composers to interpret music through art and movement and dialogue instead of traditional method.

⋒ My background is in high level sports, as a runner, swimmer and surf life saver. This has influenced my practise heavily as movement and connection to body is integral to my work and explorations.

⋒ I also am a surf coach and surf recreationally to stay fit and healthy! And enjoy exploring new ways of moving. Recently I balanced a full time dance course amidst university study!

⋒ I am an advocate for organic products and ethical practices. I work with Ezense skincare, a bespoke and local grass roots company~ who create paraben and sulfate free products for sensitive skin, with no animal testing, incorporating chinese medicine into their remedies.


Body~ Mind ~ Spirit

⋒ My body is my temple. I let it dance, flow and grow sustaining and nurturing it

⋒ My mind is my sanctuary. I feed it with knowledge and constantly cultivate awareness

⋒ My soul is my garden. I pursue what I love and sing my truth

Philosophy of the holistic performer: The intersect of Art and Wellness

“Art is the meeting ground of the world inside and the world outside.” Elinor Ulman

Art and Wellness are not seperate they feed one another and influence greatly. The dancer must be stretched and limber before a routine, the vocalist should be warmed up and rehearsed before a recital, and of course an actor must be supple and articulate before greeting the stage.

It only makes sense then, that one should nurture self, as self holds the tools necessary for delivering a performance.

The obvious ways to support self include:

⋒ Engaging in healthy eating, a diet right for the individual. So that the artist can have energy to pursue creative goals, feeling light and activated!

⋒ Practising movement and exercise, so that the body is capable of performing extreme physical postures with endurance and consistency.

⋒ Encouraging mantra, positive self talk, meditation practise and moments of stillness and quiet are also necessary to relax the central nervous system and to ground the individual. This way the empathetic artist can be more attune to their emotions dealing with their feelings and thoughts as they arise. Using them to positively and constructively affect roles rather than being overwhelmed in them.

Art and Wellness are synonymous. They are bidirectional~

A) Healing and nurturing should be practised to allow the performer to create the best version of their work possible.

B) However art also can heal deep wounds, art can purge, artistic endeavours are cathartic~ and so sometimes when health and wellness fall to the wayside, the pursuit of creativity heals, strengthens and alkalises.

Being a holistic performer means being a conscious performer. It doesn’t mean being religiously “healthy” and “well” it just means that there is an acknowledgement of the interaction of art and wellness practise. There is an awareness that nurturing self actually enhances performance.

There is an old world view that actual pain should be pursued in order to communicate pain. As a holistic performer one realises when that Avenue is appropriate. By which I mean, to purge it may be a worthwhile endeavour. It may be beautiful. Honest. Vulnerable.
But it does not need chasing, as the performer who created a supportive nest for self is also able to “play” a part effectively and safely.
The holistic performer is attuned enough to know the right path for embarking.

We don’t just owe it to ourselves. We owe it to others. In order to connect to other stories we need a sense of vulnerability but in order to uplift and share the stories of others we must hold a certain strength.

Holistic performers recognise and explore willingly the generous offerings of healing modalities in order to enhance self, art and to support the world around them.


“I am not seperate but a part of an organic greater whole. A creative web. I am an ecosystem of love. Nature sustains me and I must endeavour to sustain her.”