About THEIA collective

THEIA collective is building a bridge - one to span the knowledge gap that creates a barrier to many entrepreneurs from entering business or doing so successfully.

Named for the Greek goddess of light, THEIA collective was created to light the path for entrepreneurs through education, community, and connection.

We will do this in a number of ways, the first of which is to offer a business foundations mastermind course and community. When Founder,
Alessia Citro created her own businesses, she realized how much of the basics she didn't know, despite having a business degree. She was fortunate to have a vast professional network that connected me to the lawyers, accountant, branding expert, etc. that she needed - but not everyone is so lucky. Enter, THEIA.

Our flagship business foundations mastermind course will be taught by experts in the areas you need help in. Whether it’s finance, marketing, law, insurance, technology and more. These professionals share a common thread - they are all entrepreneurs, too! And if there’s one thing the entrepreneurial community does exceptionally well, it’s making connections, sharing what works (and what doesn’t), and helping those who are coming up.

THEIA collective is for the entrepreneur who is ready to become an unstoppable change maker. Who seeks alignment to their purpose. Who is ready to live in abundance and pay it forward.

It's time to make entrepreneurship accessible to ALL.

Are you ready to join our community to learn, level up, and be part of the solution? Text us at 949-577-8709.

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We’d love to help and get to know you!