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timber + oils

We are trimmers + becs!

To sum us up in a nutshell, we go together like peas and carrots haha total opposites but have always found a way to turn our differences into strengths.

We play mum & dad to our four legged babes, Koha + Bailey. There is never a dull moment with these two! They are generally causing an absolute ruckus & always want to be part of everything we do.

We are super lucky to call the little town of Waikerie our home and live alongside the insanely beautiful Murray River.

We’ve been doing life together for nearly 12 years now. Found each other in high school when we were only wee babes and to be honest, most days it feels like nothings changed. But like all relationships it hasn’t come without its many ups and downs. A story better suited with a glass of gin in hand haha

But by giving each other the space to follow what we love, we’ve organically co-created our passions into one.

The start of 2020 I (becs) made the jump into young living and bought a starter kit of their oils. I asked trimmers one arvo if he could make a little stand to hold the oils I put in the diffuser.

That night I got up to get ready for night shift and there was a piece of jarrah on the bench that he’d cut in a cool way, sanded and drilled holes in - the perfect size for 4 oils to fit.

One thing led to another and a girlfriend of mine saw the same potential in his creations as I did and before we both knew it, he was making his first paid piece.

I was at work one arvo when I got a text from him; “ Hey got something for you to do with me aswell I’ll do a final sand on the bath thingo and we can mix up a polish 👌🏻xx ” with a recipe he found online using essential oils.

I replied “ No worries boss ” haha

He finished the piece and I mixed up a wood polish. I added a little ‘mama calm’ roller to gift with the bath table as a thank you because It was a total pinch me moment.

If trimmers isn’t tinkering in the shed, he’s out on his little Ferguson tractor, playin in the dirt & if I’m not mixing up potions I’m out finding inspiration to spark new ideas.

Trimmers is an electrician by trade but works as a potato tuber specialist by day and I follow the casual work while building my coaching biz + getting this newest venture up & running with him.

Our ultimate dream is to buy a unimog to travel around with and live on the road, but until then we’re creating a sustainable lifestyle here at home.

We’re pretty pumped to share this journey with you and see where it will take us!

Hit us up for a custom piece, a restoration or to grab your own oils kit, we’re here for it!

Trimmers + Becs