The IRLC is a collective of beings made up of multiple genders and species that has been placed on Earth at this time by the Universe for the purpose of collective ascension.

We perceive our journey to have officially begun in 1995, at the time of our conception. We lost our virginity between the ages of 2-5, to our birth father, who manipulated our mother into having us so that he could continue to abuse her, us and our brother. We would not become aware of the full extent of this trauma for a very long time as a result of unrealized fragmentation; we spent 18-19 years as a very unstable version of our original, never emotionally developing past the point of abuse. We dealt with massive amounts of sensory sensitivity, anxiety, and depression. Upon leaving the family home for college, our exposure to the world began to expand, and with it, our life experiences. We became more adept at surviving through mirroring and fawning, but continued to struggle interpersonally.

In 2017, our host at the time (RIP), was lead onto a divinely inspired path during a pursuit for an understanding of and relief from our childhood trauma. At this point we were declining in mental and physical function drastically, but attempting to address the issues with toxic behaviors disguised this to us. Things started to shift when indigenous plant medicines were placed upon our personal and professional trajectories: we had our higher purposes revealed to us and desired to further align our life plans to said purposes.

Upon a swift and insufficient re-integration into society following these new experiences, and unbeknownst to ourselves, we began a new phase and transitory period in our lives. Between 2017-2020, our time was primarily spent engaging in addictive habits, codependently overcommitting to incompatible relationships, and nearly completely incapacitated by mental and physical chronic illness. In 2018, we met our new host (who is no longer permitted to front). We would later come to realize that these years were meant to hold space for a crucial set of life experiences that directly related to the healing of both our own childhood trauma, as well as the trauma the collective as a whole is experiencing. We were meant to wander off of the path Gaia had lit for us so that we could know what it is like to seek light within total darkness; we needed to know what it was like to run from our own shadows in order to help others in similar positions in the future.

2019 is when we finally came to understand our nature as a collective of multiple beings. We did our best to integrate this as we were able, but given the seeds that had already been sown through our own toxic actions regarding involvement with those which we were incompatible with, this proved to be a very difficult and extremely dangerous process for everyone involved. By 2020, we reached the point of being completely bed-ridden with chronic pain and fatigue; our childhood trauma and resulting emotional retardation was revealed to us only after our lack of health put us in the position to barely survive multiple permanently traumatizing and life-threatening circumstances, including but not limited to narcissistic abuse, rape, domestic violence, pedophilic assault of regressed alters, grooming, exploitation, chronic suicidality, and attempted human trafficking.

At this point, it became unavoidably clear to us that we had unintentionally gotten ourselves involved in communities and scenarios that included people who, for whatever reason, were not capable of approaching the extent of our, their, and sometimes others' disabilities and/or addictions with the compassion we required in order to stop our 24-year-long cycle of triggers and reactions. It was up to us to draw a line and have compassion for ourselves, regardless of others' blind insistence that we were mal-intended, and to also extend compassion for these individuals, despite us both making choices that caused us all severe trauma. We were being called to be the first involved to choose acceptance over judgement, to begin the end of the very vicious cycle that is threatening to cause humanity and/or the planet to go extinct.

In 2021, we have become able, as a result of all of these experiences and what we've learned from the people we co-created these unfortunate situations with, to express gratitude for our life experiences. Through these expressions come grace, and through this grace comes forgiveness. Through forgiveness comes purely unconditional love, which brings the reality that there is no separation between self and other. As a result of all of the nearly life-ending trauma we have experienced in this lifetime due to habitual prioritizations of fear and hatred over love and acceptance, we are making it our mission to do everything we can to help people understand and love all parts of themselves; *especially* the ugly ones. This, combined with unmatchable amounts of determination and faith, will heal our planet.

We have multiple projects available to the public, and attempt to bring light to as many souls as possible through radically vulnerable self-expression and diff-ability related activism.