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For my girls Avah, Kaylee and Arriana Green

I am the mother of three beautiful girls who i love more than life itself...because of their aunt ( my sister ) i am alienated from them and it has now been over a year ( july 2020 was the last time i got to see them ) since i got to talk to, hug, kiss or tell my babies i loved making this website in the hopes that someday they see it and know that their mommy has and always will love them and that the reason they dont see me is because of their aunt and her lies and her evil ways

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Avah Khaleesi Green

My beautiful princess is now 7 years old and so very smart...shes always been advanced since she was a baby...she was saying complete sentences by age 1 and was 97% above average for kids her age at 15 months...shes definetly a diva and has a sassy attitude...she was always a mommas girl since she was born...i know she misses me as much as i miss her and that she misses her daddy and sisters as well...i hate that her evil aunt hurts her and her sisters the way she does but swears shes doing whats best for them...whats best for them is not being kept from their mommy and daddy and their princess is also a gymnist....shes always loved dancing and music...she loves school ( shes in the 2nd grade at emerson elementary )...shes also so mature for her age but i guess being ripped away from the only life youve ever known and being torn away from parents who love her and who she loves will do that to some did for her...i just hope she knows how much we love her and i know some day she will learn the truth about everything.

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Thanksgiving 2021

Another holiday without my babies

I didnt get to see my 3 girls for their birthdays or the holidays last year...and have missed their birthdays and all holidays this year so far and today on Thanksgiving day was another one of those days i didnt get to see them or speak to them or hold them or tell them that i love them. Why? Because once again as she has many times their evil aunt has come up with some stupid reason why she doesnt want us to see the girls...this time its supposedly because i told my 7 year old daughter avah that she had her own room at our house and that she was gonna be living with us soon. I never told my daughter this even though at the time avah did have a room of her own when we had that house but i didnt tell her this because the only way that would happen is if i could get a good lawyer and go back to court. I couldnt afford a lawyer and my sister could and with that and the lies she told and the fact that i thought i could trust her is the only reason she even got custody

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