the J.ardsale

a japanese lolita fashion swapmeet

1PM - 4:30PM
Ehler's Event Center in Buena Park, California.

If you're looking to downsize (or upsize 👀) your wardrobe, we're a community swapmeet hosted by lolitas for fellow lolitas!

This is a ticketed event that requires masks during open hours and proof of vaccination at the door. Swipe for more information!

Check our Facebook Event Page for the most recent updates!

General Admission

$7.00 ($9.06 after fees)

Just wanna shop instead? 🛍️

Tickets will be available 6/18/2022 at 12PM on Eventbrite, link below!

All general attendees will also be able to bring 1 hanger piece (a blouse, jsk, op, or skirt) as well 1 smaller accessory to a special consignment corner of the swapmeet! Items should be tagged and ready to go.

Capacity is limited and at door admission may be available after 3PM, but it is not guaranteed due to health and safety concerns.


Wanna Sell? 👀

Table applications are CLOSED.

Are you someone who simply bought way too much from Closetchild during lockdown? Is your closet about ready to pop? Our swapmeet will be taking table applications starting 6/2 Saturday!

One table is 30" x 72" and a half table is $25.

Tables will be assigned first come, first serve, but priority will fall to friends bringing our beloved frills. Lolita artists and indie brands are also welcomed to apply! We have a lot of space, and we would love to see you here!

Sellers are encouraged to bring their own racks. :) If you're willing to share your rack, that's highly appreciated!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A TABLE WITH A FRIEND - Please apply together on one form! One person can claim a whole table, and it makes it much easier to get everyone seated together. 💛

Would you like to see how it fits first?

Dressing Room Policy

There will be a bathroom available for trying on clothes - volunteers will be monitoring and assisting with a table.

Please ask the seller for permission to try on something, and bring the item over to our volunteers! You will leave both your bag and cellphone with the volunteers until you're satisfied and have returned the item to the seller. Then come back and pick up your bag and phone, and arrange a sale with the seller. :)



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