Isabel Garcia

Dance, Fashion, Filming & Gaming

Hi, my name is Isabel. I am a girl with dreams of many things. I’m into dancing, fashion, and gaming. I am also into writing along with producing film for movies, shows, stories, etc. I also have other interests too that I am interested in.

I became a dancer when I was 7 years old. I taught myself to dance for the past 15 years. I joined my first dance class when I was 15, then turned 16 that month during the beginning of my Sophomore year in High School. It has taught me everything I need to know, helped me achieve my goals, and helped me improve as a better dancer. I’ve set challenges to myself which I successfully achieved my goals. There’s alot of reasons why I love to dance. The most reason would be that I always have so much fun dancing. It’s a passion, and it’s been my dream to become a professional dancer in the future. I’ve taught some of my friends, and a family member to dance, and we always have fun dancing. I usually create most of my own choreography, and use inspirations from other dances. I want to have a career in dancing. I also wanted to open to my own dance company someday in the future, so I can teach other people too.

I own an online store called “Isabel’s Fashion Unique” which I sell clothes, fun items, and more. I like to design items, and it’s fun coming up with ideas. It was first released on September 29, 2019. It runs by my company that I own called “The Jackson Company”.

I became a writer when I was 15 years old, and a Film Producer when I was 18 years old. As a 15 year old, I wrote my first script about a movie in one day. I start writing my 2nd movie following the first movie, but never finished for years. I will finish it someday when I have the chance to. As I was thinking about writing for movies, shows, and more, inspired me to become a writer. Someday I wanted to be able to film the movie as a Film Producer and Director, and act in it as an Actor. I was very inactive with those activities for the past few years because of school, and work. Within the next couple years later, I filmed my first movie when I was 21 years old. Even though it was a short film, I still want to continue making them. I was very proud of myself, and glad that I came back into the filming industry. It’s been my dream to do those filming careers, and will continue to work hard for it.

I’ve been a gamer ever since I was little. It grew that type of love for playing video games all my life. I love to play with my friends online on any consoles, any gaming systems, and on the phone too. I’ve planned to make it a career on YouTube someday, and share fun gaming ideas for all viewers to watch. *UPDATE*- I created gaming content for GTA Online on TikTok. I’ve been thinking about making GTA content to post them on TikTok, and YouTube for so long. At first, I felt like it’s gonna be awkward because I thought it isn’t gonna get any views. I had TikTok since 2015, but it was before it became TikTok years later. I posted content about myself with trends, funny skits, lip syncing, etc. I didn’t think anyone would watch my gaming content if I ever start posting them. I just think it that way because I don’t think I have people, and my friends who follow me are interested in that. I do have some friends that are gamers, but I don’t know anyone else who does. One day I decided to post my first gaming content on TikTok around the end of 2021. I wasn’t sure if I regret posting it, or just let it take some time to reach an audience. Ofcourse I know every creators has their own audience. I’m just so used to posting about myself all the time, that’s why it felt weird posting about my gaming content. It kinda barely reach a few audience, but mostly it’s from my friends who I played with online. Throughout time, I kept posting my GTA content. I also started to post them on YouTube which barley gets a few views. I’ve been posting alot on TikTok whenever I make videos. Suddenly, my followers started to grow little by little throughout time. My videos did started to get more views, and more likes too as I kept posting them more. One day, I posted a video which became very popular within one day, and the next few days. I wasn’t on the app or on my phone all day until later that day I noticed I had tons of notifications. I was wondering what’s going on, like it was crazy. I saw I started to get more followers, and more likes like beyond crazy. I was really excited because it was my first viral video, but also kinda nervous. I saw some comments that weren’t really necessary, so I deleted some. It feels so weird, and I wasn’t sure if I can handle it. It’s like when your video goes viral, but there’s people who’s gonna hate or say such words you wouldn’t like to see. I didn’t want that to get to me by bringing me down, or think differently. I know that people are gonna have their own opinions, but you’ll have those who supports you. Even those who supports you will even stand up for you if anyone ever says anything bad about you. I’ve seen them, and I’m really glad to see it. It makes me feel good that I have so many supporters. I kept on going, and I finally have my own audience. My content has gotten better throughout time. I knew I wanted to change it up a bit, so I’ve learned new tips plus ideas. I started to use Rockstar Editor which improved my editing skills. I just use it whenever I want to make a certain type of video. Ofcourse I still make normal videos, but I also make cool edits. As a gamer, I love playing video games. It is something I enjoy to do, and I can make content about it. I finally have an audience that I can be comfortable sharing my content with. My friends thinks I’m famous because I have a large followers, and likes. I remember my one friend told me that one day I will get famous from it. It would be nice just to get paid, and get other stuff for posting my GTA content like other creators too. I’m still working on making videos for my YouTube channel. I just been active on TikTok alot more than on YouTube.