Hi I’m Jaclyn!

Congratulations for connecting in the middle of my very own mid life RE-evaluation 🤣 be warned! This recalibration is a moving imperfect target.

I have spent my life serving people in business and recovery. I have a heart for the lost. - in every and any way. I long for people to be whole, complete and perfect as intended or designed.

In what ever way I can help people make steps toward wholeness in health, realizing their design was God-given, I’m here for it.

I hate the word unprecedented.
We said it 1000x as I worked 100 hours a week and then was displaced but the freedom of this unprecedented time has opened be up to information and to you.

This year has been an awakening of MANY kinds.
Where ever it takes us, I’m trusting God.

I’m a mom of three girls, my youngest Eleanor has Downs. We live in the PNW. I love the Lord and everyday I wake up hoping he cracks the sky on his white pony. (Not sure that’s biblical) I have an insatiable desire for knowledge. I share what I know.

On current events >> lots of information and misinformation out there I’ve learned to be aware and hold all things with open hands. It’s God glory to reveal a matter and a Kings to search it out. Everything will become clear at some point. Things that get my attention I toss in my telegram. I stay aware always hopeful but -
Nothing is sure but the Word for me.

I advocate for others and zero people are every bullied or isolated in my presence. I take a lot of heat on account of my position, in my inner circle, and beyond. I have no attachment to the thinking and opinions of others, the Lord is my Shepherd.

So - friend? Is this Friends? ❤️
I always appreciate prayer.

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Integrity Gratitude & Grace

Former Corporate business strategy consultant and social micro influencer, three little ladies and new special needs mom.

20 years in strategy, selling business banking and financial services, corporate facilitator.
Successfully built 3 network marketing business over 18 years.

Addiction & recovery is my jam

Super average awesome person, friend to many.
I live to restore integrity, embrace gratitude and experience and extend grace.

Strategist and business coach, my goal is to equip people with confidence and responsibility to create a life they love.

You can always sit with me