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The Journal Well Project

Centering the practice of journal writing for self-care, self-discovery self-expression, healing and liberation.

Whether you are new to journal writing, advanced or somewhere in between this space is for you.

Here at The Journal Well Project you are encouraged to cultivate and sustain a journal writing practice that contributes to the overall wellness of your life.

When I think of the word well, I think of water which is necessary and life-giving. Journal writing is like that too! It also nourishes, refreshes and renews our minds, bodies and spirits.

The Journal Well Project consists of a library of articles sharing my personal journaling experiences along with educational ones to help you create and sustain a nurturing writing practice.

Journal Zine a bimonthly publication of journal prompts, tips and techniques to help you deepen your practice.

And journal guides, workbooks and courses.

Thanks for stopping by my site and I hope you become a part of what's happening here at The Journal Well Project.

Happy Journaling!

Hi! I'm Tara a writer, social worker and creator of The Journal Well Project.  —

I write in journals and advocate for women to do the same. To learn more about creating a journal writing practice visit and join my IG community.