What is The Juice Education?

Have you ever had those few sessions of alcohol ed at school and walked away feeling more confused than ever?

The Juice Education or simply, ‘The Juice’ is an online platform that is here to make navigating alcohol, safety, peer pressure and your choices that much more exciting, empowering and personal.

We are creating a range of products that make learning about alcohol more interesting and relatable to young people. The first product we are working on is a colouring book that covers everything you need to know about alcohol.
Our aim to make our colouring book available to every single school in Australia.

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Core values @ The Juice Education

1. We are not afraid to party sober

2. We have fun AND are responsible

3. We value the voices of young people and their families - lived experience is a superpower

4. Investing in the future of young people living in Australia

The Story Behind ‘The Juice Education’ + a fun mocktail idea above 😋

Meet our Chief Juicer 🍹

Hi, my name is Chloe and I am the very passionate creator of ‘The Juice Education.’ I am a Student Counsellor, studying a Master of Counselling at Monash University and ready to be a fully fledged counsellor at the end of 2021. My passion lies with young people, and especially supporting those in school to navigate those weird and wonderful teenage years.

When I was 15, fellow young people around me started dabbling in alcohol. Alcohol was the most exciting idea to others, but it didn’t excite me and I was committed to not try alcohol until I was 18 (the legal age for alcohol consumption in Australia).
This started a long journey where I had typical but isolating teenage fears of losing my friends, not being good enough if I wasn’t drinking and a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out).

I fast became known as the girl that doesn’t drink, the one to get everyone safely into the maxi taxi, to lock up the house after secret pre-drinks, and the one to call the parents when you’ve nearly passed out. Many times, I thought it would be easier to either join in on the fun or just stay home. I didn’t want to settle on either of these options.

When I turned 18, I was overseas enjoying a gap year, and still had no desire to drink alcohol. So, instead of forcing myself to drink, I decided to teach myself how to be confident in alcohol fuelled environments and how to enjoy a party, without assuming the role of carer/cleaner/helpline. This was not an easy task without any guidance or manual on how to to do this. Despite this, I got there, and I couldn’t be happier that I stuck with it.

‘The Juice Education’ has been created to provide a more friendly, engaging and relatable alcohol education experience, which teaches alcohol awareness,
advocates for safe partying, and shows young people what booze free fun can look like. We are not afraid to party sober at ‘The Juice’. We want to let young people know that it is okay to not drink, and to make safe choices around alcohol, while still having fun, maintaining friendships and staying true to oneself.

Thanks for being part of the journey,
Chloe 💥