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🌸hello friends🌸

I’ve been very sick since last Thursday evening and have spent most of my time sleeping, resting and reading in the Bible

God is really moving in my life and family’s life. He is opening my eyes to a lot - that my time is priceless and what I use my time doing is very important: serving God while serving my family. but then there’s social media

the fine line people balance on too much time and then using these apps as ministry or help encourage others is tricky. In using Instagram as a place to share my homemaker life I want to encourage others and also be a light for Jesus. there are days I see things that hurt my heart, break my heart for God and then feel disgusting even being on this app. but I come back day and day again to inspire us women of God to be strong and stay close to the Lord

it’s healthy to take breaks, it’s healthy to follow Christian accounts and unfollow accounts leading you away from God and holy things. Imagine Jesus is sitting beside you and seeing what you see, hearing the songs or language and how it wouldn’t be pleasing - it’s ok to stand up for what’s right and its ok to be standing alone even.

I love y’all, stay in the Word and close to God. He will always protect you💕

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