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We would love to read and post your stories! 📚

Submissions can be sent to our email at [email protected] or DM us on Twitter @kinkykatstories



    We’re always writing🥰

    Kinky Kat’s writers will provide weekly short stories for your pleasure 💋

    We encourage our followers to reach out if there are particular themes, fetishes, storylines, etc. they are seeking in our stories📥



    Kink of the Month will begin 2022🎉



    We would love to read and post your stories!

    Thinking of submitting?

    FIRST, ask yourself? Do I want credit for this story or do I want to post anonymously? We need to know prior to posting your story. If you don’t tell us, the story will be posted anonymously.

    *YOU are our priority and we value your support and interest. Identity protection is taken very seriously and will always respect your wishes and concerns*

    Now that you’ve decided, anonymous or non-anonymous… you need to know the 𝐁𝐀𝐒𝐈𝐂𝐒!

    Our requirements for your submission &
    ①Yes, we write erotica. BUT you know what is wildly “not okay” to post 🥸

    ②The WHOLE short story must be submitted. We not accept “parts” of your story🙅🏻‍♀️
    ③Must be at least 400 words Max 10,000)👩🏻‍💻
    ④Our story must have a character(s), setting, plot, and elaborate details. Oh…and make dirty😈
    ⑤Your story can have chapters and/or sequels. We’re sure the readers are dying for them!🤤
    ⑥Because of Twitter’s 🙄fun character limit, we will be breaking your story into multiple, and we mean multiple tweets.
    ⑥Your story will need 10 parts! Huh?🤔 Here’s why:
    We want the followers/readers engaged with your story. After each part is posted, a tweet will be posted explaining there has to be a certain amount of likes for the recent posted part before us Kinky Kats can post the next one.

    The length of your story and how the parts are split up will determine how many likes are needed to to proceed.

    Here’s an example:
    Part One of your story has been posted. KK will post, “If you want Part Two…Part One must receive at least 10 likes. GO!🚦”. Once the likes come in, BOOM💥 Part Two is posted, and so on and so on.


    We encourage you to read and engage with the interactions for your story.

    Got more questions about submitting your sexy story? Ask away!



    We provide personal SEXTING buddies💋🤤

    Love talking about sex but can’t really talk on the phone?
    Love writing about sex and want ideas or inspiration?
    Love sexting/texting but can’t find someone to be consistent?

    This might be something you want to try.

    This is strictly a TEXTING Service. The service is all about the power of our ladies’ words. Some
    ladies have used voice messages to provide comfortability to their clients but that is at the discretion of your Kinky Kat Gal💋

    WhatsApp🤳🏼 is used for this service.


    💰$10/Hour Unlimited Texting w/ her😏

    💰$25/Day (12 Hrs.) Unlimited Texting w/ her😏

    💰$100/Week Unlimited Texting w/ her 😏

    💰$250/Month Unlimited Texting w/ her😏

    Day, Week, & Month options have your Kinky Kat Gal💋 available to you from 9am-9pm. They will make you aware of their time zone.

    We’re excited, to get you excited.

    We accommodate kinks😈

    Please message us at [email protected] if interested📧