Hi, I’m Kayla. I’m glad you’re here.

Hi, I’m Kayla. I started TheKohlChronicles on Instagram as a way to stay connected to our friends and family after moving away for my husband’s work.

As I was sharing our infertility, adoption, and embryo adoption journey while working as a doula focusing on postpartum care, I learned that I didn’t have to go through this life alone. I found community and people like me on Instagram. I realized social media could be more than highlight reels of our lives and started sharing with everyone what life really looks like for me.

I am passionate about instilling strength and reducing fear around infertility, postpartum, and parenthood. I’m here to tell my story authentically, even if it isn’t cute consumable content.

My Favorite Courses I’ve Taken

Top Courses

I feel like I was frantically searching for information on everything relating to ties, feeding, sleeping, etc. here are some of my favorite courses I’ve taken that have helped make life easier!

The Omaha Baby Nest Childbirth Education

Childbirth education is so important. This class made me feel empowered and it was where I learned much about c-sections! I love being a doula for The Omaha Baby Nest. They have newborn, grandparent, and breastfeeding courses as well!

Babies, Bellies, and Bubbles

Beth at Little Movers PT is a physical therapist and craniosacral therapist who specializes in tongue ties (she’s the mama of tongue tied babies too!). This course on body work gave me the tools I needed to help Norah at home and relieve the tension in her body. Tension can be caused by positioning in the womb, birth, and ties so even if your baby doesn’t have ties I truly believe they can benefit from this course! It’s worked wonders for our nursing troubles!

Free to Feed

Dr. Trill is a molecular biologist that specializes in breast milk! Her own children have food allergies, and she has created a master class on breast milk allergies (did you know you can make allergy free milk in 24 hours?), an app for tracking reactions and food, and is creating breast milk allergy test strips!! She also designed my favorite pop socket!

Baby on Board

Michelle at Safe in The Seat is a nationally certified child passenger safety technician. Her course Baby on Board gave me the information and confidence I needed to keep Norah safe in her car seat. She has multiple courses for bringing baby home, sleeping in car seats, traveling with car seats and more!

Hiring a Doula (like me!)

Hiring a Doula from The Omaha Baby Nest


Discount Codes and Affiliate Links

Full disclosure: using my links and discount my
codes may earn me commission as a brand ambassador (for Boobie Brands), or are referral links that give us both discounts (HandmadebyHanigan, Force of Nature, Stitch Fix).


Use NORAH10 for 10% off your purchase at her Etsy store, HandmadebyHanigan, or Facebook group! Hannah is my friend who makes custom clothes and accessories for babies and parents (she even made a dog bandana for Pearl to match our custom headbands!).


Use KOHL20 for 20% off your purchase. I found Boobie Brands while my daughter was in the NICU being treated for MSPI. All of their products are milk and soy free, and are perfect for all parents who are pregnant, nursing, or raising tiny humans.


I started ordering Stitch Fix boxes when I needed maternity clothes, and all the store dressing rooms were closed due to COVID. I really like being able to try things on at home and not have to go shopping. Using my link gives you $25 off your first box.


This is what I use to clean my house. I like that I can use one spray bottle for everything in my home and that it’s safe to use on baby gear.

Liquid IV

Use code THEKOHLCHRONICLES for 25% off your purchase! I drink one Liquid IV a day (my fave flavor is apple pie or guava!) and I keep the packets in my nursing station and pump bag.

Shopping Small for the Holidays

Our Favorite Small Shops

Nathan and I have committed to shopping small for Christmas. Here are some of the shops we are using!

Recommendation #1

Aly at Blooming Mind Designs makes amazing custom resign art. Whether it’s ornaments, ring dishes, trays, coasters, charcuterie boards, or drink ware, Aly can create it!

Recommendation #2

Hannah makes custom clothes and accessories for babies and their parents. She’s even made a bandana for our dog Pearl so she could match Norah and I’s headbands! You can use the code NORAH10 for 10% off your purchase.

Recommendation #3

I got Norah a custom pacifier clip from Binky Shop Co. She also makes custom teethers!

Recommendation #4

If you didn’t know, Nathan and I are proud nerds. I got him these dice from DnDice to use for D&D.

Recommendation #5

I ordered this custom hummingbird feeder for my MIL (don’t tell her!!) from Sweet Feeds. I love that it suctions to your window for a close up look at the hummingbirds.

Recommendation #6

I love @MellowDoodles on Instagram. She’s a mental health illustrator and her 2021 calendar is on my Christmas list!

Recommendation #7

Claire is a fellow embryo adoption mama and she made my monthly milestone cards, my IVF journey cards, birth announcement plaques, and this custom embryo plaque for Norah.

Recommendation #8

Norah lives in her Hope and Plum ring sling. I like that it doesn’t put pressure or wrap around my healing csection incision. For 20% off until November 30th use KOHL20

Recommendation #9

Nathan got me this for my birthday and I love this jewelry holder (especially since none of my rings fit my postpartum fingers!).