Kugel party of 5: Adoption Fund Page

Let’s welcome one more Kugel to the family!

Thank you for taking a moment to visit our little page. It’s one small space on the inter web but it’s one HUGE step towards making The Kugel family a part of 5!

How did it all start?

When did this dimpled darling start calling Tim and Justine “dada” and “mama”?

What can YOU do to complete this amazing adoption and help us reach some BIG goals for a little family?

Let me first introduce you to the Kugle’s:

Tim and Justine have been a part of the community in Radford, Virginia though school, church and service to so many of us. Tim works for Volvo and Justine has been a mother raising Eliana and Larue while preparing for a career change. Well, that all changed white suddenly when a simple babysitting job became permanent. Tim and Justine found themselves guardian to a toddler in immediate need of a safe home.

As a longtime friend of the Kugel‘s, I often babysit for their kids. The first time they brought Cobain to our house I noticed his amazing blond curls and huge smile.

.While had had come with physical challenges, speech and emotional delay, it wasn’t till he stayed on an overnight that i saw a completely different kid! I was amazed at how well behaved and kind he was! In just about four weeks of constant attention, love, and structure he had improved significantly with his physical development and behavior.

While it was a quick transition, The Kugel‘s are specifically called to be the parents of Cobain. The Lord brought Cobain into their home and gave a deep love to Tim, Justine, Eliana, and Larue for this young boy.

I have watched each member of the family sacrifice time, energy, and resources to love and help in the further development of Cobain. He had significant learning disabilities and physical limitations due to his mother’s poor choices when he was in the womb. Cobain has needed significant therapies and many doctors appointments often consuming their week. Yet, The Kugel’s have been able to meet all of these appointments sacrificing their time and their own finances to give Cobain the best life and to catch up with his developmental phases.

Unlike traditional foster care, the Kugel’s are in a unique legal position requiring funds upfront and potential lengthily court hearing.

But, it’s time.

The Kugel‘s really need your financial contribution as they begin the adoption process to welcome Cobain as an official legal member of their family. It’s been a long road, but the journey has just begun. With court costs, lawyers fees, and seemingly endless hurdles to cross the Kugels are ready for you.

Ready for you to pour into them like they have done for all of US!

So, are you ready?!

Please prayerfully consider how you might contribute to this adoption process!

Swipe RIGHT to learn how!

Top Reasons why Little C is worth it!

# 1: God rescued a little boy who needed love.

When C arrived little was none of his neglect or abuse, but as time and the comfort of love stepped in, that was revealed. C is a boy that is coming OUT of pain and confusion. Now is the time for US to ensure he never has to endure that pain again. The Lord timed, planned, and executed his arrival into the Kugel home. And as the love of the Father so loved this child, he is now ready to make his plan complete.

#2: Because each season is worth the wait

As seasons come and go children are remained of holidays, traditions and in some cases, the heartache and pain that it brings. Each season C continues to surprise us! With each day we are blessed to have him safe and loved.

# 3: Because he’s our brother!

While little LaRue has been the youngest member of the Kugel Clan for a bit, he has had quite the sudden upgrade. From cuddling up to a book with sissy, road trips, to backyard adventures. C has gained a bother and sister for life. He’s ready to make it official.

#4: Because family means

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#4 : Becuase so many “first” await this little boy!

From hiking the local mountains, to daily walks by the river there is never a shortage of firsts for this little one. While he may have only had a short time with his birth family, trauma reveals itself in many ways. But, it’s the firsts that bring on these challenges and grow this boy day by day. First doctors appointments, First eye exams, First time on family vacations, First physical therapy appointment. The list continues to grow, but there is room for many more “firsts”

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