An easy way to remove stains from fabric is shaving cream!

The Lazy Maid

Who I am and why this is my passion


If you’re reading this you somehow found your way to my cleaning blog The Lazy Maid! So I figure I should introduce myself!

My name is Rachael and I am a stay at home mother of two boys who are my everything! I have an amazing partner who works hard at both his job and being an amazing father so he can allow me to follow my passion and help others learn how to clean easier and quicker. If I must say, lazier.

My passion for lazy cleaning came with the birth of my first son. It was when I had him I realized I was able to either have a clean house or the ability to spend one on one time with my child. But why couldn’t I have both? I mean there had to be a way, there just HAD to. So I started experimenting, with cleaning products, with common household items and even socks! Yes, I said socks!

Swipe LEFT to start enjoying the lazy cleaning hacks I have for you and if you need The Lazy Maids advice on how to clean something, don’t be shy! Just ask!

Plastic Wrap To Clean A Stovetop?!

An extremely easy way to clean your stovetop no matter how dirty it is!

Items You Need:
•Plastic Wrap
•Multipurpose Cleaner
•A Damp Rag
•A Few Damp Paper Towels

What To Do:

Firth things first, wipe off all of the loose crumbs. Trust me, it’ll make life easier in the long run.

Next, take your cleaner and spray it down. I mean REALLY spray it down. You want it to be noticeably wet with cleaner.

Now, take your plastic wrap and cover your whole stovetop with it. Yes, on top of the cleaner. (This allows for the cleaner to stay wet and not dry up from the air.)

Leave it sit for about 15-20 minutes depending on how stuck the food it/ how dirty your stovetop is and go enjoy yourself a glass of wine, or a coffee. (This allows the cleaner time to break down anything that may be stuck to your stovetop.)

After the time has passed, remove the plastic wrap and wipe with your damp rag. Making sure to wipe the entire thing, including underneath the range drip pans.

And TADAAA!!!! Your stovetop is looking cleaner than you ever knew it could and it took minimum to no scrubbing!

Let me know how you liked this hack and share it with your friends to make their life easier!

DIY Cute Pencil Holder

Pringles Can Pencil Holder In 10 Easy steps

•Empty Small Pringles Can
•Fabric Square
•Thin Ribbon

What To Do:
1. Grab your empty Pringles can and discard the lid.
2. Now lay your fabric square out face down.
3. Lay the Pringle can on it’s side on the fabric with top edge lining up with top fabric edge.
4. Make a line mark at the bottom of can on fabric.
5. Set Pringles can to the side and fold fabric in a straight line matching with the line you made and cut strip of fabric. Discard extra fabric.
6. Start with a line of glue and use your finger to spread across Pringles can making sure to coat the whole can in glue.
7. Choose your starting point and place fabric. Wrap around the can until you get to the end of the fabric strip making sure to smooth fabric down as you go. (fabric WILL overlap itself.. THATS OKAY!)
8. When you get to the end make a thin line of glue on backside of fabric and press, making sure to smooth.
9. Trim any excess fabric on top and bottom of can.
10. Tie a ribbon around the top

and TADAAAAA!!! You have a beautiful Pencil Holder for your desk!