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I'm a young lady who loves hiking, traveling, and taking beautiful pictures as I go along. I am an aspiring travel photographer and blogger.

My blog focuses mainly, but not limited to, sharing information about the different places I visit. I will be giving reviews, tips and recommendations. My content is based in local(South African) travel and tourism.

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Beginner friendly hiking trails near Pretoria.

Are you interested in hiking and looking for easy-moderate hiking trails?

I have listed my top three beginner friendly hiking trails. I chose them because of their difficulty, affordability and accessibility. All three are withing a 100 km radius from the city of Tshwane/Pretoria.

Milorho Lodge

This lodge is 102 km away from Pretoria, located near Rustenburg. This is a beautiful trail with a couple of rock pools along the way and beautiful rock formations.

There are two hiking trails namely brown and green. The brown trail is 4.5 km long with an average time of 2-3 hours and in terms of difficulty it is rated as an easy trail. The green trail is 12 km long with an average time of 5-6 hours and is considered to be challenging.

Entrance fee is R50 for children younger than 12 years old and R100 from 12 years upwards. Booking beforehand is compulsory to gain access.

Somabula Nature Reserve

Day visitors can explore the reserve on foot, by mountain bike or self-drive.
There are three hiking routes Celtis(3km, 45 minutes), Acasia (7km, 2 hours) and Protea (12 km, 3.5 hours).

The entrance fee is R 50.00 per person, children under 12 years old pay half price and children 3 years and under - no charge. Access to the reserve is granted by booking only.

Cradle Moon Lakeview Game Lodge

Cradle Moon offers the bush experience just outside of the city, close to JHB and PTA. The entrance fee is R70. The best view is by the waterfalls.

Items for your next hiking trip

Checkout the list of things to bring on your next hiking trip.

This may be general knowledge to most or rather to advanced/regular hikers: necessities to bring along in your backpack. On my first ever hike (which was 3km long btw 😅) the only thing I had was just a cellphone. As the distance got longer I saw the need for a couple of essentials. This guide is to help beginners know what to bring along when hiking.

First and foremost a bottle of water, depending on how much weight you can carry I'd say the bigger the bottle the better especially if you are doing a long and challenging distance.

Bring snacks like nuts, seeds, granola,fresh or dried fruits something that can give you a boost of energy along the way. I personally do not recommend a heavy 'meal' during a day hiking trip; it can make you really sluggish, which is something you don't want especially if you still have a long road ahead. Eat well before and after your hike, only snack in-between. PS: for longer distances or hikes that are longer than a day you need plenty of food, this post is for short/day hikes.

This is absolutely 100% necessary. Apply a generous amount at home before embarking on a hiking trip. Please do bring it along to reapply along the way. You want to avoid sunburn at all cost; you can supplement your sunscreen by wearing hats, UPF clothing and staying in shaded areas as much as possible.

Always check the weather forecast beforehand. If you are someone like me who likes hiking when the skies are clear, I'd advise to bring a long sleeve shirt/light jacket and wear long tights just as an extra layer of protection against sunburn. If you don't mind having a bit of a tan feel free to wear shorts.

Always take care of business before you head out, but if you feel the urge to wee 🤭 have a tissue handy ladies and please discard it appropriately.

Your phone is not always helpful particularly when it comes to the directions regarding a trail. I always print one before my trip